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* Why does the Gateway Company insist on stuffing the Hechee ships to the hilt with crew? Some of the main problems on a trip are running out of supplies and getting on each others nerves due to overcrowding and lack of privacy. Why do they need five crew members in a "five" ship? Everything they do at the destination can probably be done with just two people: one to go in the lander, and one to stay in the main ship, just in case. With the same quantity of supplies, a trip could be 2.5 times longer and still be survivable.
* Why is the duration of a trip presented as a total crap-shoot? The Company must by now have enough statistics to make statements of the type: "there is a 20% chance that a trip will take longer than 80 days, and a 10% chance it will take longer than 100 days". Then they can adjust the size of the crew and the supplies so that the risk of an overrun is, say, below 5%.

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