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-->'''Dewey''': If only that were true.


-->'''Dewey''': If only that were true.true.
* Everyone else calls off one day and Dewey is the only staff member in the library. He has the patrons form a line outside and determines who can get in first by holding a ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' trivia contest. The next day, the manager Mel is bemused by a comment card from a patron who says that getting inside the library was "worth the wait."

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* A woman comes in with a cat and sits it on the circulation desk, saying that it can predict the future. Dewey makes some sort of snarky comment, something along the lines of "Did it predict the part where I tell you that cats aren't allowed in the library?" The woman says that it predicts that nothing interesting will happen to him today.
-->'''Dewey''': If only that were true.

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