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* Chapter 3 and Episode 1, Tsuruya insists Kyon is a member of the Mikuru fan-club and that he is cheating by hanging out with Nagato and Ryoko. He denies it, only to be be distracted by how awful of a picture they took of him.
** Tsuruya and Ryoko try to have Nagato and Mikuru compete to see if Nagato is worthy of the turkey, only to be unhappy with both of their performances and the contest instead becomes between them.
* In Chapter 10, Ryoko starts revealing embarrassing secrets about Yuki to Tsuruya, who does the same with Mikuru. Tsuruya then reveals that [[MythologyGag Mikuru has a star-shaped mole on her chest, which is something that Mikuru did not know before and is greatly embarrassed]]. Now, in Ryoko's case about catching Yuki checking her weight after a shower makes sense, since she's a close friend who frequently visits her, but, for Tsuruya to be the one to know about Mikuru's beauty mark ''is'' funny, yet, a little strange, since it's not really explained how she knows...Not to mention that Mikuru [[DidYouJustHaveSex looks seductive]] in that [[ page]].
* In Chapter 19, [[ Ryoko starts worrying about Yuki and Kyon getting too close too soon]] (this ''after'' 18 chapters that she's been matchmaking) ... and Haruhi, of all people, becomes the voice of reason.
** Similarly, when Ryōko starts trying to give Yuki encouraging advice about being invited to play video games at Kyon's house, her sense of reason telling her to shut up takes the appearance of Haruhi.
* TheStinger of the anime's last episode: [[spoiler:[[BrickJoke "Kyon, did you do your summer homework?"]] ]]

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