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* Annie and Hannah have smuggled Molly onto the ship. Miss Hannigan is running onto the dock as it departs:
--> '''Miss Hannigan''': Stowaway! Stowaway!\\
'''Warbucks''': Isn't that Miss Hannigan?\\
'''Annie''': ''[nervously]'' Why yes, it is. She's coming to see us off.\\
'''Miss Hannigan''': Stop that ship! Stowaway!\\
'''Warbucks''': What's that she's saying?\\
'''Annie''': I think she's saying... ''[thinks]'' ..."Stay awhile! Stay awhile!" ''[adorably smug expression]''\\
''[Miss Hannigan continues to yell helplessly]''\\
'''Hannah''': Goodbye, Miss Hannigan!\\
'''Annie''': Bon voyage!

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