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* Why doesn't Yuuko care about shamelessly revealing her astral body, but is deeply embarrassed by her corpse? Two reasons:
** One, Niiya is likely the first person to appear in years [[FridgeHorror (or even at all)]] who can see Yuuko as she actually appeared in life. She's probably used to not caring how her astral body would look to someone who could see it, because ''there wasn't anyone who actually '''could''' see it.''
** Two: it's not her actual body, but just her appearance. She doesn't age, and we've had no reason to believe that she can get hurt. It's not a physical body and doesn't require the maintenance of a real body, so she doesn't treat it as "sacred" or "private." But her physical body ''is and was that'', so she feels that it should be treated with such respect.
* Why can't Yukariko [[spoiler:see the normal Yuuko, but she can see shadow Yuuko]]? It's because [[spoiler:of her own guilt for her part in Yuuko's death. It's established in earlier chapters that Yuuko's appearance to the individual is affected by that person's expectations, and because Yukariko feels regret and wants Yuuko to kill her, she can only see the part of Yuuko that reflects this desire. Seeing the happy-go-lucky, amnesiac Yuuko would conflict with her expectations by making Yukariko consider that Yuuko isn't actually dragging people into death with her and has a part of her that is somewhat at peace in death, so she can't see that part.]]
!! FridgeHorror
* During episode 10 when Niiya [[spoiler: is seing Yuuko's memories of her sacrifice]] he could feel everything that [[spoiler: Yuuko could]]. That means that as [[spoiler: she lay there dying of starvation and thirst, simultaneously dealing with the pain and blood of the bone sticking out of her leg,]] ''[[NauseaFuel he felt]] [[NightmareFuel every second of it]]''. He was there trying to provide comfort, trying to do ''anything'' to make it easier, but unable to do anything but watch, feeling every excruciating instant, ''for days'', [[spoiler: as she slowly felt herself giving in to the fear and anger of being locked alone, in a dark place, with no chance of being rescued and knowing, '''knowing''' exactly who to blame if she gave in to that fear and anger, right til the very end. [[TearJerker Then he got to watch her finally die, alone, in pain, grappling to the very end with trying not to hate one of the people she loved most, trying not to hate the world for her cruel and unjust death, and despising herself for having to fight the hate at all.]]]]

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