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Just another Internet lurker who managed to come across this site on 2016 from other websites, particularly Know Your Meme. Eventually got interested after browsing some pages about story-telling tools and cliche (Am a lore and information-lover after all) that it inadvertently became an addicting daily habit. "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life" indeed.

What I Usually Edit

  • I mainly focus on Otaku culture namely Anime, Video Games and Films. With Video Games, I mostly play RPGs. To an even niche genre, I have also edited a lot of "Gacha Game" pages as they recently took most of my gaming time. Consequently, gacha game work pages took a lot of my TV Tropes time.
  • I primarily put my attention to niche titles first, those that seem to be "unpopular" compared to mainstream titles... Because, the lesser-known a work is, the more it Needs Wiki Magic Love on this site. On the other hand, while I still watch and follow the most popular works of a genre, I just tend to do minimal edits to them at first, like formatting/grammar fixes, or when I feel like contributing stuff on free time. When a work is too popular, there tends to be a large hype around it, a large number of tropers flocking in the pages/forums, and later on, multiple users attempting to edit at the same time, causing Edit War. If Edit War becomes prevalent for months, then I try to stay away and come back editing when the rage dies down.
    • There are some outlier cases however, despite giving niche titles some Wiki Magic Love as my priority, I also jump in to the bandwagon and edit the recently-popular works when they launch if I really love that franchise, if Edit War is not too common nor heated, and if I want to interact with its community in the forum threads.
  • Likewise in relation to niche titles, I also edit pages that have seemingly been forgotten over the ages, or works that have not received recent installments. Read the damn There Is No Such Thing as Notability page... Recent, Old, Popular, Overrated, Underrated, Hated, Praised... Any work can be troped whether the other fans like the work or not!


How Do I Usually Edit

  • I am more of an Entry Pimp myself (and as I've said above, I prioritize a work if it Needs Wiki Magic Love) adding tropes to barebones or short work pages in need of more content. If I am really invested in that particular work, I also tend to Crosswick its tropes to make it more visible here. Once I start working on a work, the OCD in me kicks in, wishing to check and contribute to each of that work's subpages.
  • I make it sure that at least the works I have contributed to will have some sort of consistent formatting/presentation. Some of which have been adapted from following policy, such as if Moments pages of this work don't have spoiler tags, the rest of the Moments pages in the works I follow shouldn't also have spoiler tags. I hate the instances wherein you visit a "Moments" page like Funny only to be greeted by massive hidden paragraphs. Glad that they've made a policy out of this.
  • I tend to take edits to YMMV pages with a grain of salt. These house the most subjective opinions that can attract a large Edit War, causing tropers to question other edits. When a controversial opinion of my edit does get pointed out, I at least, would try to explain in context both the pro and con sides.
    • YMMV is subjective, which means any opinion (positive or negative) is fine by me even if I love the work as a Sacred Cow. Everyone is free to voice opinions after all.
    • While I do delete/move some YMMV entries, I only do it when there are site-implemented policy/type changes to the trope in question... For example Some YMMV tropes can turn into Main or Trivia tropes depending on the general consensus with mods. Some YMMV tropes get deleted because they attract a lot of negativity, mud-flinging and Edit War in context.
  • Trivia pages on the other hand are an interesting source of out-universe info regarding the work. As such, it would also be better to provide some hyperlinks to prove that the info isn't made up. Why "take our word for it" when you can provide concrete evidence, especially for trivia? Trivia is objective, YMMV is subjective... Although, I know that there exists a policy encouraging users not to go overboard with hyperlinks, I follow that. But in return, I would explicitly state the origin of the info by using elaborate context in long paragraph-like plain text. At least by providing a source, the trivia can not be made up out of nowhere.

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