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Just another Internet weeb who came across this site on 2016 from other websites. Eventually got interested after browsing some pages about story-telling tools and cliche (I like lore and wikis after all), that it inadvertently became an addicting habit.

  • I'm an Entry Pimp and I participate in a lot of gacha games' pages or sometimes, simply IPs or franchises that I like. I'm more active on pages that looked barebones at first, especially the unpopular or niche titles. Whenever I edit a page, I usually expand all of its sub-pages as well.
  • I edit stuff even after their hype has passed. Just see There Is no Such Thing as Notability, any page can troped regardless of their popularity or release date.
  • I follow the Spoilers Off policy for Moments pages. These pages shouldn't greet you with a lot of hidden text in the first place, glad that they've made a policy out of this.