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A 1988 American apocalyptic drama horror directed by Creator/CarlSchultz that has a pregnant woman (Creator/DemiMoore) struggling with nightmares where she miscarries and when she rents a room to a stranger (Creator/JurgenProchnow) a chain of events are set off.

The movie also stars Creator/MichaelBiehn, Creator/PeterFriedman, Creator/JohnTaylor, and Creator/LeeGarlington.

It was released on April 1, 1988.


!Tropes for the film:
* ApocalypseMaiden: Abby discovers that her child is destined to be born without a soul as the Guf (Hall of Souls) is empty. When gives birth it will trigger the End Days, but she ultimately averts this by sacrificing her own life to refill the Chamber.
* FlyingDutchman: The movie features a priest who turns out to be the legendary wandering Roman. He is forced to wander the earth until the second coming, and is thus trying to bring it about.
* FourLinesAllWaiting: It features a mysterious man who causes disasters by breaking little tokens, who stays with Abby and Russell, who are desperately trying to have a baby. Russell is also a lawyer for the case of a young man who killed his parents because he was a product of incest. These plots all come together when the couple tries to avert the young man's execution in order to stop an apocalypse.

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