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* GoryDiscretionShot: The movie tends to avoid graphic depictions of violence, usually cutting away just as a fight starts or begins to escalate.

->"You raised us to hate those boys, and we do, and now it's come to this."


->"You -->"You raised us to hate those boys, and we do, and now it's come to this."

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* AbusiveParents: Aside from Son, Boy, and Kid's father being a drunk, it's also implied that their mother who he abandoned them to wasn't much better.

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* CallingTheOldManOut: After his brother is killed, Son confronts his mother about how her hatred of their father and his family led to the feud:
->"You raised us to hate those boys, and we do, and now it's come to this."

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* FeudingFamilies: When Son, Boy, and Kid crash their father's funeral and call him an abusive drunk, it sets off a feud between them and their three half-siblings.
* ParentalAbandonment: Son, Boy, and Kid's father was an abusive drunk who abandoned the family, and by all appearances even after he sobered up and found religion never reached out to them again.

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* AlliterativeTitle: '''Shotgun Stories'''.

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A 2007 drama directed by Creator/JeffNichols that deals with the feud of two sets of half-brothers (Creator/MichaelShannon, Creator/DouglasLigon, Creator/BarlowJacobs, Creator/LynnseeProvence, Creator/MichaelAbbottJr, and Creator/TravisSmith)

The movie stars Creator/NatalieCanerday, Creator/GAlanWilkins, Creator/ColeyCampany, and Creator/ColeHendrixson.

It was released on February 14, 2007.


!Tropes for the film:
* CycleOfRevenge: It is about two feuding sets of half-brothers. The older set were born when their shared father was an abusive alcoholic. They crash his funeral and denounce him as an evil man, which enrages the newer family he made after reforming. The second set of brothers antagonize the first set in vengeance, triggering a cycle of revenge.
* ADogNamedDog: The film is centered around three impoverished brothers living in rural Arkansas called Son, Boy, and Kid. Their father was an abusive drunk. After he got sober and found religion, he fathered three more sons with normal names.
* EveryScarHasAStory: The movie is essentially named after this trope: Son (Shannon) has prominent scarring on his back from a shotgun blast, and several stories are told throughout the film, explaining them. Each story gives an alternate interpretation for who he is as a person, and for his motivations throughout the film.
* WhoNamesTheirKidDude: The first three sons of an abusive alcoholic are named Son, Boy, and Kid. After he sobered up and found religion, he had several more sons with normal names.

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