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History Film / OverHerDeadBody

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* ButtMonkey: Ashley, thanks to Kate using her ghost abilities to embarrass or harass her.

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A 2008 American romantic comedy directed by Creator/JeffLowell that has a ghost (Creator/EvaLongoria) trying to sabotage her boyfriend's (Creator/PaulRudd) newest relationship with a psychic (Creator/LakeBell).

The movie also stars Creator/JasonBiggs, Creator/LindsaySloane, Creator/AliHillis, Creator/StephenRoot, Creator/WMorganSheppard, Creator/WendiMcLendonCovey, and Creator/DeborahTheaker.

It was released on February 1, 2008.


!Tropes for the film:
* DeadPersonConversation: Kate tries to sabotage Henry's current relationship with Ashley, a psychic.
* DeathByLookingUp: Kate, the VillainProtagonist, dies at the beginning of the film because she just stood there staring at the falling statue, even though [[WhatAnIdiot she had plenty of time to get out of the way]].
* MistakenForGay: Ashley's best friend Dan, who turns out to have started to pretend to be gay after he is mistaken for it just to stay close to her.
* ModestyTowel: When Ashley is [[ShowerScene showering]] at the gym, her boyfriend's PsychoExGirlfriend, Kate, does a fake announcement of there being an emergency evacuation, that only Ashley can hear since she's Kate is a ghost that is only visible to her. Ashley then rushes out of the showers in a panic, with just a small towel around her hips and [[HandOrObjectUnderwear one arm barely covering her soapy breasts]]. She's naturally [[NakedFreakOut mortified]] when she finds there's nothing wrong and everyone is staring at her like she's insane.

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