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[[caption-width-right:350:''Have You Seen Carolyn Harper?'']]
''Knives and Skin'' is a 2019 teen drama directed by Jennifer Reeder.

In a rural town, choir teacher and single parent Lisa Harper finds out her teenage daughter Carolyn went out with a boy and never came home. Fearing the worst, Lisa loses her grip on reality.

Carolyn's three friends Joanna, Laurel and Charlotte struggle to deal with their friends' disappearance as well as their own personal dramas. Joanna is forced to find money through illegitimate means due to her mother's mental instability. Laurel must come to terms both with her homosexuality and Charlotte is a frequent target for bullies, one of whom is Laurel's brother who secretly pines for her.
On top of all this, Joanna's father has lost his job as a party clown and is sleeping with Laurel's mother.

* AdultFear: The very first scene is with Carolyn making out with school jock Andy in the middle of nowhere. When Carolyn tells Andy she's not going to have sex with him, he kicks her out and drives off. Carolyn loses her glasses in the commotion, sustains a nasty head injury and her last lines are a very frightened ''"Please! Help me!"''.
* BittersweetEnding: Lisa, Joanna, Charlotte and Laurel all find closure in Carolyn's death and get on with their lives.
* {{Bookends}}: Carolyn loses her trademark glasses at the start of the film and they're eventually returned to her mother by the end.
* {{Ephebophile}}: Lisa makes out with Andy out of anxiety and the English teacher tries to kiss Joanna.
* EverytownAmerica: The setting is described as mid-west America.
* FreakyFashionMildMind: Charlotte has a rather extravagant fashion sense, yet is quite introverted.
* JerkJock: Andy. He treats girls as nothing more than sex objects.
* LipstickLesbian: Laurel is conventionally feminine, along with her new girlfriend.
* MissingWhiteWomanSyndrome: Played with. Carolyn's disappearance is treated as a big deal for a few days, then everyone bar Lisa seemingly stops caring and deals with their own character arcs.
* SanitySlippage: Lisa does not cope with Carolyn's disappearance at all. She starts wearing her clothes, crying during rehearsals, destroys her daughter's room and makes out with Andy.
* YourCheatingHeart: Joanna's father and Laurel's mother.


-->''Can you hear them?''
-->''They talk about us''
-->''Telling lies, well that's no surprise''
-->''Can you see them?''
-->''See right through them''
-->''They have no shield''
-->''No secrets to reveal''
-->''It doesn't matter what they say''
-->''In the jealous games people play''
-->''Our lips are sealed''

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