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Unlike most fanfictions, this story features all original characters in which the common theme of Disney is what ties the events together.

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"My whole life, I always wanted someone to love me, someone perfect. And how much more perfect could you get than with a Disney princess?"

The Disney Killer is a fanfiction by gypsybelleoftheopera published in 2012.

The story is about a series of murders that occur in which the killer murders girls who look like Disney characters in ways that somehow reflect the characters they look like. Sometimes he writes notes to his victims to build up a connection with them, usually in the form of secret admirer notes, while other times he simply kidnaps them before the kill.

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!! The Disney Killer contains examples of:

Backstory: The story of how Michael and Emily met.

Give Geeks a Chance: Despite Michael's geeky, as well as unattractive, appearance, Emily still stands up for him when he gets bullied, giving him a chance to get to know her rather than immediately judging him. He becomes smitten with her, but in the end she doesn't return his feelings.

The Kidnapper: The killer kidnaps most of his victims.

Psychopathic Manchild: The killer bases all of his murders off of Disney movies.

Stalker with a Crush: Michael's obsessive crush on Emily causes him to spend all of their high school years together stalking her.
Although it could be argued that the killer also has crushes on his victims.

Stalking is Love: Again, Michael's love for Emily.

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