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Drinking games for ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry''.

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* Everytime someone dies, take a sip.
* Everytime Rena takes someone home, take a sip.
* Everytime Satoko gets hit with a chair, drink half a glass.
* Everytime someone shouts "LIAR!", take two sips.
* Everytime Rika says "Nipaa~", take a gulp.
* Everytime someone bursts out into crazy-ass laughter, take a gulp.
* Any time the Angel Mort outfit appears, take a sip.
* Take a gulp for every OffModel moment you see. (Do NOT do this for the original VisualNovel, unless you're feeling suicidal.)
* Everytime Shion says "Satoshi" during the Eye-Opening chapter, take a gulp.

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