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* Nene expresses shipping HaruYuzu.


* Nene expresses shipping HaruYuzu.[=HaruYuzu=].

* Yuzu breaks one of the academy's codes.


* Yuzu breaks one of the academy's
* Two characters kiss.
* Yuzu and Harumin have a LesYay moment.
* Nene expresses shipping HaruYuzu.

Added DiffLines:

Take a shot whenever...
* Mei forcefully kisses Yuzu to shut her up.
* Mei making advances on Yuzu only to then say that as stepsisters, they shouldn't be doing those kinds of things.
* Childhood friends try to make a wedge between the couple.
* Mei acts cold to Yuzu.
* Yuzu performs some risky plan for Mei.
* Harumin refers to herself as "Momma Harumin."
* Yuzu breaks one of the academy's codes.

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