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Riley Emilia Voelkel (April 26, 1990) is a Canadian-American actress best known for ''Series/TheOriginals'', ''Series/{{Legacies}}'', and ''Series/TheNewsroom''.

!Film Roles
* ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'' as Final Club Girl (UncreditedRole)
* ''Film/{{Prom}}'' as Claire
* ''Film/HiddenMoon'' as Christine Brighton
* ''Film/TheSecretLivesOfDorks'' as Carrie Smith

!Television Roles
* ''Series/GloryDaze'' as Caroline (1 episode)
* ''Series/TheMentalist'' as Tristan (1 episode)
* ''Series/TheNewsroom'' as Jenna Johnson (recurring)
* ''Series/AmericanHorrorStory'' as Young Fiona Goode
** ''Series/AmericanHorrorStoryCoven'' as Young Fiona Goode (3 episodes)
* ''Series/TheOriginals'' as Freya Mikaelson (2014-2018)
** ''Series/{{Legacies}}'' as Freya Mikaelson (1 episode)
* ''Series/RoswellNewMexico'' as Jenna Cameron (recurring)
* ''Series/{{Hightown}}'' as Renee Shaw

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