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* SpiritedYoungLady

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* ThrowTheDogABone : After getting nearly killed multiple times, he ends up HappilyMarried to his OneTrueLove. They even get a TrueLovesKiss moment and their wedding was conducted by a GuardianAngel

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* {{Determinator}} : Gets an arrow through his foot and nearly strangled, and still tries to keep coming.

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* FearlessFool : Samet notes that Sir Vincent is either the bravest or stupidest man he's ever met. Samet is leaning toward the latter.

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* WillNotTellALie : His oaths prevent him from telling an outright falsehood, though he does occasionally pull the YouDidntAsk card and at least once just flat out begs Robert to stop asking him questions.

* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes : Genuinely loves his son and is an affectionate father. He even nags Samet about grandkids

* WorthyOpponent : Is actually quite cordial to Robert and seems to think they should have a FriendlyEnemy relationship despite what Vadin did to Robert's little brother. He even expects Robert to get on board with the idea of an alliance and a marriage between Samet and one of Robert's daguhters.

* ReasonableAuthorityFigure


* ReasonableAuthorityFigureGoodIsNotNice : Arrests Samet and attempts to beat information out of him
* HappilyMarried
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure : Once he realizes Samet is trying to help, Robert becomes his supporter and protector

* ParentalObliviousness : It takes him a ridiculously long time to realize the nature of the relationship between Samet and Ethan.


* ParentalObliviousness : It takes him a ridiculously long time to realize the nature of the relationship between Samet and Ethan. He also never noticed the relationship between Sir Vincent and Sarah

* DarkIsNotEvil : How dark he may be is debatable.


* DarkIsNotEvil : How dark he is may be is debatable.

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[[folder:Warlord Vadin]]
* ActionDad
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority : He's not a king. He's a warlord.
* BigBad : Willing to destroy the world to get what he wants
* EvilOverlord
* AFatherToHisMen : It's more because he knows the value of loyalty than actual caring, but he is a BenevolentBoss toward his soldiers
* FauxAffablyEvil : Though he actually does respect King Robert, and it's possible some of his later friendly behavior toward Robert is a result of knowing Robert protected Samet.
* ForTheEvulz : His torture of Ethan is actually to power up an artifact, though it's hinted this is also a factor.
* KickTheDog : Vadin is utterly brutal to Ethan, torturing him physically and psychologically in addition to raping him.
* OffingTheOffspring : Averted. Vadin would rather die than hurt his son. When he thinks he has killed Samet, he has a VillainousBreakdown
* PapaWolf : An odd version because he's well aware Samet can take care of himself, but he's still protective of Samet and backhands someone for insulting his son
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans : Part of the motive for his actions seems to be that he thinks the world would be a lot better off with Samet ruling it.

[[folder:King Robert]]
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority : He's been trained as a warrior his entire life because this trope is expected from his country.
* AFatherToHisMen : Genuinely cares about his soldiers and doesn't want them to take unnecessary risks.
* FourStarBadass : Noted to be the best general of the coalition, and leads from the front
* TheGoodKing
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* ReluctantWarrior : He didn't want to be a war leader. He wanted to build universities.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething
* ParentalObliviousness : It takes him a ridiculously long time to realize the nature of the relationship between Samet and Ethan.
* PapaWolf : Do not mess with his kids. He later extends this toward Samet as well.
* PromotionToParent : Ethan is actually his much younger brother rather than his son

[[folder:Prelate Graham]]
* BadassPacifist : Despite his position forbidding him to engage in violence even to defend himself, he volunteers to ride into the heart of Vadin's stronghold
* TheConsigliere : His official role to King Robert
* TheGoodChancellor
* NoHarmRequirement : Being a Prelate means he's forbidden weapons or to engage in violence. However, it's also against the rules to harm Prelates
* OldFriend : He and Robert have known each other since childhood and are almost like brothers at times.
* ParentalAbandonment : Played straight and averted. He's forbidden from actually being a father to his son, but figures out how to take a third option by having Sir Vincent brought into Robert's household.
* SoProudOfYou : Despite the laws forbidding him from openly parenting his son, he is clearly a good father and takes pride in Sir Vincent.

[[folder:Sir Vincent]]
* AlwaysSaveTheGirl : Averted. He clearly wants to rush off to save Sarah, but knows Samet getting the wards back up is more important. However, when Samet tells him it's alright, Sir Vincent doesn't hesitate a moment to rush into the LandOfFaerie to save her
* BadassNormal : Clearly the best of Robert's knights [[spoiler: Later averted when he gets turned into a werewolf]]
* ChildhoodFriendRomance : Has one with Princess Sarah and has managed to keep it secret for years.
* FairyGodmother : Samet inadvertently saddles him with one. He's less than grateful.
* FriendlyEnemy : He comes the closest of all Robert's forces to managing to kill Samet, then ends up his bodyguard.
* HeroicBastard : He's Graham's illegitimate son
* HeroOfAnotherStory : It's clear he and Sarah got up to a lot of shenanigans when stuck in the LandOfFaerie.
* LadyAndKnight
* MissingMom : No mention is ever made of his mother
* OddFriendship : Samet seems to appreciate that Sir Vincent hates him for actual reasons rather than just because Samet is a sorcerer.

[[folder:Princess Sarah]]
* AngerBornOfWorry : Most of her dislike of Samet comes from the fact he nearly killed Sir Vincent.
* ArrangedMarriage : Is resigned to ending up in one, though it's clear her father wants it to be a PerfectlyArrangedMarriage and rejects anyone she doesn't like
* DamselInDistress
* LadyAndKnight
* MarryForLove : The man she wants to marry is a landless bastard
* PrincessClassic
* ProperLady
* RescueRomance : Though from the sounds of it, she rescued Sir Vincent as often as he rescued her.

* BrainyBrunette
* CombatPragmatist : If she has to fight she will start hitting people with whatever is handy, such as candlesticks and fireplace pokers
* DamselInDistress : Though it's likely if she hadn't been protecting her little brother she might have managed to escape.
* LikeBrotherAndSister : She and Samet end up with one of these relationships
* MayDecemberRomance : Has no problem with the idea of a PerfectlyArrangedMarriage to King Sikander
* PairTheSmartOnes : Averted. She and Samet quickly become friends and have a bit of a ShipTease, but end up with other people.
* TheSmartGuy : She and Samet occasionally annoy other people by being complete geeks.
* SpiritedYoungLady
* WeakButSkilled : She's smart and talented, but when she goes up against actual warriors she gets in trouble fast.

* TheConscience : Does not hesitate to call her husband out
* TheHeart : One of the first to realize Samet is one of the good guys and gives him a much needed hug
* TheHighQueen
* ProperLady : Though she appears to be one, she does pick up a sword to back up her husband on at least one occasion
* SilkHidingSteel : Is unfailingly polite and genteel, but nobody argues with her.
* TeamMom

* BadassTeacher : She taught Samet magic
* CreepyGood : Blood drips out of her mouth when she talks
* DarkIsNotEvil : Varorgirin is terrifying hag who rips peoples spines to use as a combination of weapon and snack. She's one of the good guys
* HorrifyingHero
* SinkOrSwimMentor
* ToughLove : She helps Ethan, but she's absolutely brutal about it

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* WarriorPrince : Was one. Over the course of the story he slowly becomes one again.

* Nice Guy


* Nice GuyNiceGuy

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* ActOfTrueLove
* AmbiguouslyHuman : He is considered to be hellspawn, and it's hinted that Varorgirin may be not just his faery godmother but his actual grandmother.
* ArchnemesisDad : It's clear he loves his father despite his father being the BigBad. He works against him anyway
* BadassBoast : Samet knows exactly how powerful he is
* BadassBookworm
* BadassGay : He's fairly open about being bisexual and the only reason he bothers to conceal his relationship with Ethan is for Ethan's sake.
* BadassInDistress
* BadPowersGoodPeople :
* BeingGoodSucks : [[spoiler: He gets tortured, stabbed, and has to cut off his own hand because he chose to do the right thing]]
* BroughtDownToNormal : Take away his magic, and he's pretty close to helpless. Though he's still a very clever man with a penchant for alchemy
* ClaimedByTheSupernatural : He is a sorcerer, and thus according to the lore of the world he is destined for hell. Whether this is actually true is unknown.
* CursedWithAwesome
* DarkIsNotEvil : How dark he may be is debatable.
* DeadpanSnarker : He occasionally has a problem knowing when to shut up
* EldritchAbomination : He's often treated as this by people who know he is a sorcerer
* GoThroughMe
* GoodSamaritan : Pays urchins to do menial tasks just to make sure they have coin, even heals one from a life-threatening injury.
* GoodIsNotSoft : His go to way of dealing with his enemies involves a lot of KillItWithFire
* GrandRomanticGesture : For a sorcerer, [[spoiler: it's hard to beat trusting someone with your truename]]
* HeroicResolve : [[spoiler: When his hand gets cut off, he's not the one that flinches]]
* IAmNotMyFather
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy : Is willing to make his relationship with Ethan polyamorous if that is what Ethan wants, as well as to let Ethan take up a dominate role even though Samet wouldn't enjoy either.
* LetsWaitAwhile : Though he is clearly attracted to Ethan very early, he waits until he's damn sure Ethan is actually consenting, even rejecting Ethan's first moves a couple times because he doesn't think Ethan is in his right mind.
* LimaSyndrome : Has shades of this toward Ethan.
* Nice Guy
* NonActionGuy : He could have saved himself a lot of pain if he'd ever learned which end of a sword to hold instead of relying entirely on his magic
* MadScientist : Has this trait, often played for laughs
* PowerOfTrust : The fact that he trusts Ethan unconditionally quite probably saved the world.
* PropertyOfLove : Despite being the 'master' in their relationship, [[spoiler: he has this to Ethan because Ethan knows his true name]]
* UndyingLoyalty : To Ethan. The man shrugs off being demonically possessed because Ethan is in trouble.

* BadassNormal
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe : Becomes actually attracted to Samet when Samet spares Sir Vincent at Ethan's request.
* BodyguardingABadass : Acts at Samet's bodyguard despite Samet being without question the most powerful man in the world.
* BreakTheCutie : Vadin broke him. Samet put him back together.
* BrokenBird
* ConditionedToAcceptHorror : After what he went through with Vadin, traveling through the beyond and hell itself don't really bother him that much
* DeclarationOfProtection : Gives this to Samet.
--> Hell canít have you, master. I wonít let it.
* FriendlyFireproof : Samet is a creature of fire, and he loves Ethan. Thus Ethan can walk through an inferno or hell itself and not get singed
* GoThroughMe : Does this for Samet a few times, though Samet does occasionally make him stand down.
* HappinessInSlavery : Though by the time he's happy, it's rather questionable to call him a slave even if he does still address Samet as 'master' on occasion
* HatesBeingTouched : Not necessarily hates, but if you touch him when he isn't expecting it or he's having a PTSD episode he tends to lash out violently.
* KnifeNut
* IfItsYouItsOkay : He's not into men, just Samet
* LadyAndKnight : Samet is a guy, but Ethan still acts as his knight in many ways. When they aren't being a full on BattleCouple
* MadeASlave : Vadin did this to him
* ParentalSubstitute : Technically an orphan. His mother died in childbirth, but there was sufficient age difference between him and his older brother Robert that Robert and Tabitha simply stepped up as his parents.
* PropertyOfLove : Both played straight and averted. [[spoiler: He calls Samet master, but he knows Samet's truename, thus the actual power in the relationship lies with him]]
* RapeAndSwitch : Somewhat averted. He's not gay despite being with Samet.
* ScarpiaUltimatum : Vadin gave him one
* ServileSnarker : His progress on the road back from his DespairEventHorizon can be measured by how comfortable he is snarking at Samet.
* SexSlave : Was Vadin's.
* ShellShockedVeteran : It's clear at times that he is still suffering from PTSD
* StockholmSyndrome : Even his relationship with Samet still has some shades of this
* UndyingLoyalty : To Samet
* TheWoobie

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