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* Zero's Mom [[ItMakesSenseInContext destroying the fears of her deceased mother]] that were threatening her son in ''Dimentica Il Mio Nome''.
-->'''Gilbert:''' ''(choking Zero)'' Where is... the ring... Where is... Grant...
-->'''Mom:''' ''(appears at the doorstep)'' Grant is dead. And I give you another piece of news... [[PreAssKickingOneLiner you're all dead]].
-->'''Gilbert:''' ''(flies to her face)'' Where is the ring?
-->'''Mom:''' The ring is buried under ten feet of dirt, on a dead woman's finger. The one who gave it to her is dead. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis You're. All. Dead!]] ''([[MegatonPunch Megaton Punches]] Gilbert)''
-->'''Gilbert:''' ThisCannotBe... I must defend the Roussanov family... avenge the insult suffered... I am Gilbert... the Zar's Dragon...
-->'''Mom:''' It has been seventy [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] years. Your world is over. You lived in the shadow of the fears and sorrows of a woman who always brought them with you. You clinged to my son's confusion. But all of this... ends... TODAY! ''([[YourHeadAsplode punches Gilbert's head into dust]])''
-->''(The Nazi officer attempts to strike her from behind. [[NeckLift He fails.]])''
-->'''Nazi:''' The ship... it belongs to us... We paid for it... It was a scam... And nobody defrauds the Reich! Nobody ever escapes the Reich's wrath!
-->'''Mom:''' Oh, please, this stuff was good enough for a traumated (''sic'') woman. I was born that your Fuhrer already manured the earth with a hole in the head. For me, you're nothing. You aren't even corpses. You're tombs. And then abandoned tombs. And then bones, compressed, restricted and grounded to make way for other tombs. And then dust. [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech Dust of which nobody remembers the name... because even your grandchildren are ashamed of what you]] '''[[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech have been]]'''. (''OneHitKill'')

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