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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Should we include the community in itself with the tropes?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Better yet - shall we include the community in itself in the description?

  • Tovarishch Well, some things within the community are quite fitting to be put there in the article. So why not?

HeartBurn Kid: Considering almost all the characters are taken from other games, and most of them have no characterization in MUGEN (the few that have storyboards being the exception), should we really have character tropes on this page?

MC2: Is it really necessary to delete all of that stuff? I mean the characters are there. Whatever.

Loona: Those character-specific entries can be moved to their respective series pages if they're not there already, they're just inflating this page unnecessarily - this isn't meant to be a complete list of every trope possible in every (fighting) game in existence (maybe at some point a fighting game tropes category can be included in the wiki, but the Mugen article shouldn't handle that task by itself). That just dilutes the stuff that's specific to Mugen and the phenomena it enables.

MC 2: What about "no such thing as notability?"

Loona: doesn't apply the the characters' series have a wiki article of their own. There are Marvel/DC crossovers justified by each comic book universe being one of the other universe's alternate realities in-universe, but you don't include all Marvel tropes in DC articles and vice-versa, you keep them in their own places. A possible compromise would be to simply mention somewhere in the Mugen article which series have been covered so far (could get huge, essentially duplicating everything in Fighting Games plus everything that's been adapted), instead of listing here every goddamn character trope in existence individually.

Heh Man: That's stupid, Loona. :P

Midna: Say, anyone know where I can download that Etna character?

Josh6243: The Etna character I was talking about is from the Card Sagas Wars game made with the MUGEN Engine. It's not released yet. Look here for more information.

Midna: Got it, thanks.

PuppetChaos: That game looks awesome had me at Crono being in it.

MC2: I hate to sound like a prick or anything, but some of the recent edits have had me thinking. I know Loona's established that the MUGEN article should include content relevant to MUGEN and not the source fighting games it borrows from, but I just can't help but think that the article is starting to resemble a high school bathroom stall. Community stuff is great to have and all, but eh.....but I'm not proposing anything just stating my thoughts.

What's an appropriate trope for the constant influx of Mugen online questions?

Janitor: I'd rather not have to lock the article, but if we're going to have an edit war over putting all that IANMTU natter back in, I will. It's out. Leave it out, please.

Heh Man: Just because it no longer exists doesn't mean you have to destroy all references to it. God fucking damn.

Mighty Kombat: Its because foolish tropers kept abusing it to the point where it no longer resembled what it was meant to be, and that many of the entries were actually perfectly sensible rather than downright outlandish.

PuppetChaos: I know nothing about the MUGEN community and the llamadrama it entails, but there's an awful lot here that seems to be about nothing but said drama. Is it totally necessary to have paragraphs about why Evildude9xfewToTheMax totally sux and Farklehammer29 is a badass mofo? And I'm not typically the one to complain about "oh noes first person!" but there's a bit of "Well, I told so and so to shove off because his characters suck" going on here.

Also, any decent tutorials for character creation out there? I know one that comes with MUGEN, and now there's that wiki on Elecbyte's site, but it confuses me a little. Yes, I'm a n00b with no scripting experience (outside of that scripting language RPG Maker XP used).

MC 2: I agree with you. In the beginning this article was mostly about the characters and such exclusive to the engine, but it seems to be a runaway train with no signs of stopping these days. I'm considering making a major edit to the article and removing some of that. If people don't like it they can always put it back I guess.


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