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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Chuckles: Okay, wow, whoever wrote this clearly has an...issue, with Stalin. I know we're not Wiki, I know we're not a history textbook, but could we at least try to insert a little objectivity into the mix? Or at least acknowledge that without Stalin's industrialization programme, the USSR would very likely not have survived World War 2? Or maybe try and suggest that he was something other than a 2-Dimensional Complete Monster?


  • Spell My Name with an "S" - Is it Josef Stalin, Joseph Stalin or Iosif Stalin? And don't get me started on his birth surname or middle name (read: Middle name= Vissarionovich/Bessarionovich, Last name= Dzughashivili/Djugashvili/Jugashvili) The only thing certain is that his pseudonym is supposed to be Stalin. I suppose that's one reason why they just call him Stalin.
    • Also known as Koba, Ivanov, Soso and Uncle Joe, amongst other names

Because it's patently ridiculous. He was born and raised in and then moved to ruling two countries which use Cyrillic alphabets, so the letters do not translate perfectly.

  • Wouldn't that just be a better example of this trope if there isn't a strict way of spelling his name? I mean Mao Zedong has a similar issue and he's on the page. I don't mind if you remove it, but please come up with a more convincing reason to remove it.

Re: particularly the Ukraine: that's a bit debatable. Ukraine suffered a lot, but - and this is my problem with the whole "Holodomor" thing - so did all of the rest of the Union, with little regard to ethnic lines or political alignments or whatever. Arguably, Kazakhstan suffered much more overall; some inner Russian regions have a pretty good claim too.


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