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Chrisell: I removed the following lines from the Anne of Green Gables example: "Because she realizes, or the author does, that if she stays true to herself her chance at finding a mate will be significantly reduced (etc)" as it's completely inaccurate. In "Anne of Avonlea" it's mentioned that Anne has learned to keep her daydreams and fantasies to herself because they're too precious to expose to outside ridicule, and because as she's growing up she's learning self-control when it comes to saying what's on her mind. This is mentioned when Anne is still aged only 15 and not even thinking seriously about life partners yet.

Neo_Crimson: Why the hell is Tobi here? He's a guy for one thing and not even close to being as hyper some of these examples. That's not even including the fact that That it's all a ruse.

In my first Japanese class, I was told that "genki desu ka" is a common term meaning "how are you?" with "genki" originally meaning "healthy". Which I think is even more funny than "energetic", but I'm not sure enough about it to change that in the first line. If anyone does, please do so.


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