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Ununnilium: Not sure where this would go (Show Parts maybe?), but I was thinking that someone should do a trope on Credits Pushback - you know, where they squeeze the credits into a tiny fraction of the screen and show ads in the rest. Very popular in the late 90s and early 00s, seems to have lessened recently.

Gus: There was a trigger. I pulled it. It's a thing.

Ununnilium: ~.~V Now, though, I'm reminded of something else - the much older trope of having an announcer talk over the credits.

Anonymous User (to Ununnilium): That's called a voiceover. I prefer voiceovers to split-screen credits.

—- I of course can't remember the exact names of the shows, but I remember new preiemere, made-for-that-station-only shows...having their credits pushed back. WTH.


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