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• As webcomics go, this one is pretty good.
• Tragically Short-Lived
• Completely awful, yet strangely funny
• Yeah, this is bad.
• A unique BeatEmUp in a unique setting
• Exquisite
• More Awesome Than it Looks
• An Important Part of a Balanced Diet
• Croshaw is a brilliant humorist
• Definately flawed, but entertaining
• Don't Watch It For The Opinions
• Extra Punctuation is better.
• Fails at being funny, fails at being informative.
• Has he jumped?
• He needs to remember who he is
• Hilarious is the only word i can think of
• If you like it, you'll like it.
• Is "Don't watch for the opinions" really true?
• Keeping the industry honest
• Making the case that he IS a reviewer
• Mixed Thoughts On A Cynical Escapist
• Pretty damn Good
• Take a third option.
• What happens when caustic criticism, a total lack of objectivity, and misrepresenting facts combine.
• Your Milage Will REALLY Vary
• Your Mileage WILL Vary
• Zero Punctuation: Don't assume that because he didn't like a game that you won't
• Zero Punctuation: helpful acid.
• From comments
• @/UncloudedTJ's review
• feral's review
• Good fic
• First Episode First Impressions
• Actually pretty good.
• Are Marina and Sharko REALLY heroes?
• (Puts on Jaded Shades) Ehh.
• Part "The Wizard of Oz", part joke-a-day comic
• I lost Hagar the Horrible for THIS?
• It's funny because it's true
• May be a bit rude but...
• Zoids: Chaotic Century and Guardian Force.
• Zombie Loan Manga Review
• Arguably, the best horror game!
• Depth and freedom make this comic horror shooter a classic
• It's Bad.
• Generally Wonderful
• Funny original flavor fic
• Comment by Mipp
• This was surprising
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