Reviews: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

This was surprising

If you told me in 2008 that I'd be addicted to a Super Sentai show where it's quite funny, the villains are quirky, and it doesn't have any hint of darkness, I'd ask what you were smoking. But, surprisingly, Kyoryuger managed to be this, avoiding the traps that some other Super Sentai shows fall for.

Despite the generic Idiot Hero King, the I Work Alone Ian, the Comic Relief Nossan, the normal guy Soji, and The Chick Amy, the show manages to pull off a pretty good dynamic, and they don't feel like they're just archetypes that Toei drew out of a hat to figure out the next Sentai team.

The story, while it hasn't exactly picked up as of this review, still engages the audience with something to watch, ensuring you're hooked to the show despite the odd and goofy premise of Dinosaur-themed heroes who transform with Samba, use batteries to power up their guns, and that their villains are dominated by pure emotions. It's a pretty good contrast to Kamen Rider Wizard and even the Go-Busters, since they can be very bleak at times.

The villains... Oh my God, the villains. On paper, they seem like the most goofiest set of villains Toei had came up with. Before later episodes came in, the only villains I'd find interest in were the ones that seemed to look and feel like Super Sentai villains, in this case Dogold and Chaos. But Kyoryuger actually subverts my expectations of the three other villains being walking jokes and make them even competent. Watch as my favorite villain in the show changed from Dogold, a shoe-in for other Super Sentai shows, to Aigaron, a villain who just seems to cry Ocular Gushers every time he speaks, simply because he actually had depth added to him to make him as interesting a villain as Basco. Yes, you heard right. A crybaby actually managed to be as interesting as Basco.

Maybe it's due to the Odd-numbered good, even numbered-bad curse that Kyoryuger managed to be very fun and enjoyable to watch... or maybe they just decided "hey, we have a goofy premise for a Sentai show, let's see if we can make it awesome". It's pretty much Go-Onger done right. I recommend this show to a newcomer if they want the basics of Super Sentai patted down and don't feel like swallowing 34 other Sentai shows to get the one they're watching.