Reviews: Zombie Loan

Zombie Loan Manga Review

The thirteenth and final volume of the Zombie-Loan manga came out in April 2011 and the series has been fully translated to English by fans, with a total of 83 chapters. Starting the review now. I am not really an avid reader of manga; most of the manga I try to pick up never impresses me because of its formulaic nature. Somehow, though, I was really drawn into the plot of this manga, and I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions and development of the characters. The characters were clever and interesting to read about, the action was well paced, and the story was filled with interesting turns and plenty of good suspense. This mix of supernatural action and ancient conspiracies with a healthy dose of comedy was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and has become one of my favorite works of fiction. I recommend this manga to anyone who likes a good story and interesting characters. 9/10

One final note: many of the people I have spoken to do not understand a key point that happens at the end of the manga. I don't want to reveal any of the ending in my review, so I will just say: pay attention to what Chitose says in the final chapter about the "Revolving Lantern Light," and you should be able to figure out what everyone seems to have missed. That or just look up an explanation for the ending on Google or the Mangafox forums or something.