Reviews: Zig And Sharko

Are Marina and Sharko REALLY heroes?

I like this show, and there's a reason for that. It's Zig. He is a very funny, great and sympathetic hyena who i would like to be around. He is a villain. Our main hero is Marina, a kind, beautiful mermaid, whom Zig wants to eat. She is protected by Sharko, a huge, muscular shark who loves her. I don't like them, and here i will explain why. Let's start with Marina. WARNING: Long, insulting rant. What is Marina? She is a spoiled, attention-seeking, selfish, idiotic, ignorant, brainless, abusive bitch who CONSTANTLY cheats on Sharko with other people, and manipulates them with her beauty, or songs to get what she wants. Many people said that she was a Mary Sue, due to her blandness, with her being perfect and with everyone falling in love with her. I agree with them, as she displays TOO MANY negative qualities that would make her a Mary Sue. Also, about the "manipulation" part. That kind of manipulation i mentioned is called Superficial Charm, which is defined as "making a good impression to put people under your influence by using beauty or crocodile tears", which makes a lot of sense about Marina if you think about it. Also, Superficial Charm is part of a section called "Dark Triad", which consists of three qualities that define a sociopath: Superficial Charm, which i discussed here, Psychopathy, which includes antisocial behavior, remorselessness and lack of empathy, and Narcissism, which is: egoism, pride and grandiosity. Sharko might be of latter two. Why? He does EVERYTHING for Marina, he likes to show off his muscles, and he really enjoys beating up others around him, to the point of sadism. The latter two phrases say a lot about Narcissism and Psychopathy. Also, Sharko does not know about women. Every time he wants to make Marina fall for him, he asks to play ping pong with him. Wow. No wonder Marina likes Zig. Yes, Zig might display Psychopathy too, but think about it: he just wants to eat Marina, which is natural behavior for a predator, because he is starving and catching a snake in the jungles for him is HARD. He also displays courage because he does not fear to get killed by a shark. He deeply cares about his friends. He suffers too much for that. And, when he legitimately catches Marina, she wins by sheer dumb luck and excuses. Mary Sue. So, our "heroes" display all three qualities of Dark Triad! Which is why i like Zig.