Reviews: Zombi U

Save Scumming won't save you

It is a Survival Horror game done right, even though it can be beaten fairly quick even without guides, it provides enough of a challenge even for seasoned players.

Doing mistakes are very punished by the game mechanics and trying to load the game won't bring you previous character back and neither your stuff.

Micromanaging your slot space and gear is essential whilst so is taking track of the limited resources you have.

The only complain I have is the lack of aim down sights on a first person perspective and the ability of aim up or down with scoped weapons to shoot zombies very bellow or above you, which would make precision shots much easier than relying on the cross hairs alone.

The game has a nice combination of Nothing Is Scarier and Jump Scares aided by the fact that you can get false positives from your radar and zombies can be Playing Possum and catch you out of guard if you're not paying attention.

Overall it is a good game and a decent change from frenetic zombie shooting to a more cautious and careful play.