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First Episode First Impressions

Animation: TOP NOTCH! The animation is fluid, consistent eye-candy. Even if you're not a fan of supernatural mysteries, the animation and action are superb. The first fight scene was fantastic, and there was a noticeable Animation Bump, but it didn't feel like the creators cut corners during the peaceful scenes. There wasn't the slightest trace of an Off Model moment.

Voice Acting: Very good. There wasn't anything that stood out as much as the likes ofLight Yagami or Lelouch Lampelouge, but it was still enjoyable, and all of the voices fit very well.

Music: Beautiful! The peaceful scenes so far are left scoreless, but the suspenseful ones have music that would fit well into a chess game, and the dramatic scenes and action sequences are accompanied by sweeping orchestral musical scores.

Possible Issues: The series begins with an opening that is just about the opposite of chronological, which can leave the viewer confused, but most of these issues can be settled by a simple rematch, or just by paying close attention. This is only the first episode, so it's safe to assume that other issues with the plot will be resolved later on.
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