Reviews: Battle Kid Fortress Of Peril

MUCH Better Than its Predecessor

I'll admit, I hated I Wanna Be The Guy. Not because it was insincere Platform Hell (if I didn't want that, I wouldn't have played it), but because it was a broken, bugged mess of a game. I'm almost to the next savepoint, and the game crashes. SAKURAAAAIII SIVAAAAAAK!! Battle Kid fixes all that, including the insincerity. While definitely not for the faint of heart, it is a nice throwback to the classics we know and love.

Some might say that it's a Spiritual Sequel, but I think it's a Spiritual Antithesis. If I Wanna Be the Guy is about everything you hate about retro gaming, Battle Kid is about everything you love about retro gaming.

It's also much better programmed than a lot of the old classics, due to advances in programming techniques. There little slowdown or blinking sprites. The graphics are also amazingly well-designed in comparison to what we remember on the NES. It has enough sense to use the background as a color in the pallet, giving you an extra color to work with.

So, in short, as Fighting Street is to Street Fighter II, Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is to I Wanna Be the Guy. It's a... what do we call it here... "Surprisingly Improved Sequel"?

A caveat: It's definitely not for the faint of heart. It does involve a lot of replaying levels, just like its predecessor, but this time around it's your fault, not the game's. But yeah, it is HARD. REALLY HARD. I could start making Double Entendres on how hard it is.

If you've never played IWBTG, then think of it like this: Mega Man meets Metroid meets AAAAARGGHHCVXPIOEWRWLQ;LADAHSNXZCASDHJGWHYISTHISGAMESOHARDAJKLFSD. On LSD.

So Yeah, check it out.