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Reviews Comments: Adventure Time...revised! Adventure Time whole series review by Frankiefoster

Okay, to tell you all the truth, I wasn't really a huge fan of Adventure Time when it came lurching out of my TV. Why? First: The random/"funny" humor this show was desperately trying to create slowly falls flat on its face upon deeper inspection (take for example the Magic Man episode. You're thinking it would turn out to be, I don't know, halfway decent with Finn being transformed into something cool, right? Oh how I had been waiting to see Finn as some giant monster thing to squeeze in something about appearance not mattering and what's inside that counts and whatnot... (Beat)...a foot. Really? A foot? I've been waiting and girling over a foot? Cue several foot-related jokes and two Warped Aesops that would soon become a staple of the show's humor; one at the end of the episode about not helping beggars and one where Finn is in a state of despair over being stuck a foot; Jake tells him he should just stay a foot anyway, prompting Finn to yell at him and the other party for giving up and launching into this clearly autotuned song. Jake's supposed to be the best friend here? What does that tell people? Give up and NOT help people in need?)

Second; the crushing disappointment Finn/Bubblegum was and the buildup. Why did they bother with building it up and then crashing it down? It's useless—like building a fortress, then tearing it down for kicks. It was like the writers knew we supported Bubblegum/Finn and just wanted to tease us, then Too Young's ending happens, sliding Bubblegum into jackass territory by dumping him. What was the point of that?

Also, for my last, (probably useless) shred of evidence, is how the writers either have a fetish for Finn screaming, or someone getting hurt. The end of Wizard Battle has Finn screaming like an idiot at Abracadaniel like he did something stupid, crushing his newfound confidence and making Finn look less like a hero and derailing him into a Jerk With Plot Benefits (i.e: still winning despite cheating due to the plot demanding it) and getting a kiss from Princess Bubblegum anyway and a slap on the cheek. It also has the high honor of making Bubblegum look like she supports jerks and she doesn't.


  • Brokenshell44
  • 4th Sep 11
This is very strange to interpret as a "review". Its mostly just seems like very shallow complaints and gushing about Fionna and Cake without actually seeing it. (I'll give you Too Young though, even the writers more or less said "Yeah, we didn't know what to do with it, so we just gave up."

But its also very clear that you're misunderstanding the princess thing.
  • Frankiefoster
  • 4th Sep 11
I've watched the show before, and honestly scratched my head thinking, "This is it? Really? This is what the hype's been all about?" A shallow complaint would be, "RAAAAAGH DURR RAAAAGH I HATE THE SHOW. THE END." with no explanation as to why I hate it. Sue me, yes, it looks shallow. Sue me again for my misunderstanding of the princess thing, my gushing over Fionna and Cake and my seeming strange respect for the Lich. What constitutes as a "review"? If I gush over the whole show, people will fire at me with torches and pitchforks. If I don't, they fire at me with flaming pitchforks. And if I just go middle ground and say I don't hate/like it, I get fired upon with flaming torchforks. There's no easy way to say anything without being annoyed by the Fan Dumb that roam around the site.
  • Brokenshell44
  • 4th Sep 11
The only thing you really elaborated on was the princess thing. Everything else was "they had some dumb jokes" or "Jake is annoying" without really saying why they were dumb or why you found him annoying. Take this review thrashing the Looney Tunes Show. Its very clear that the reviewer hated it with burning passion, but he also gives fleshed out explanations for why he hates it. I know its impossible to have a review that long on this site, but you could have still have explained your dislike of the show in a better more elaborate way.

  • Frankiefoster
  • 4th Sep 11
Meh, you're right. I'll try to make it a little more elaborate on the burning hatred.
  • dwarfstar
  • 6th Sep 11
Brokenshell44: When have the writers said that? One of the storyboarders defended "Too Young" very well on his formspring, and another writer said that it's one of his own favorite Season 3 episodes. The episode had character development, and hinted that Finn still has a chance with Bubblegum.

Original reviewer: Plenty of episodes have shown Jake acting like a jerk due to selfishness or just plain cloudcuckoolander-ness, but he really does care in the end. In "Freak City", he forced Finn to stay a foot against his wishes, but he was concerned when Finn got hurt (whenever it was irrelevant to the foot issue). As for the rest of your complaints about that episode, remember that this is primarily a comedy. I personally find it very refreshing how this show doesn't always take Aesops and plot-centric transformations (also done nicely in "Heat Signature") so seriously.

I agree about "Wizard Battle", though. That whole episode was a bit of a mess, not even acknowledging Finn's breakup or his jerkiness towards Abracadaniel.
  • Brokenshell44
  • 7th Sep 11
dwarfstar: Ugh, look, I don't want to devolve this into a flame war about Too Young but....

Although it is up to interpretation, I didn't find Mr.Mutos "no good stories would be affected by her age" thing to be a good defense. Infact, I found it to be twice as insulting than the event of the actual episode because it meant that they decided to do it, knowing damn well that they would just undo it as soon as possible, for no reason. It was insulting that people who have been writing an acclaimed show wouldn't recognize that if there is no reason to put something in your story, you don't do it anyway. If they didn't know what to do with PB's age change outside of dicking with the fans, they shouldn't have done it.

Don't get me wrong, thats not the only reason that episode was poorly written, just the most annoying. If PB knew Lemongrab was screwed up, why make him her heir? why not just make a new one and throw LG out? And why didn't Finn just kill Lemongrab? And if all he doctors needed to fix PB was candy, why didn't they just friggin fix her? Its not like they live in the CANDY KINGDOM or anything. The whole episode was a mess, and a complete cop out.

Also, what character development? Everything went straight to square one. Infact, Wizard Battle had more development than Too Young did, where Finn told Jake about his crush. Atleast there Finn decided to stop denying it.

Like I said, I DON'T want this to turn into a flame war. I admit, saying one of the writers said "We didn't care" was an exaggeration, but they didn't know what they were doing when they decided to do it.
  • Marioguy128
  • 9th Sep 11
Dude, some of your questions are just plain unnecessary. "Why didn't Finn just kill Lemongrab?" Why the heck would he even do something like that!? He wouldn't do that at all, that's not part of his character!

"And if all he doctors needed to fix PB was candy, why didn't they just friggin fix her?" Because PB wanted to stay 13. It was stated in the episode.
  • marcellX
  • 9th Sep 11
Not to mention that you put the link to Why Dont You Just Shoot Him? in there, which explains your own question. And PB didn't "make" Lemongrab her heir, she created him, so that means he's technically her son, and being the only one it's the next in line for the throne, and if the first one was such a bad result, why risk making a new one.
  • dwarfstar
  • 11th Sep 11
No, Adam Muto was not the storyboarder I meant. I was talking about Jesse Moynihan (who unfortunately deleted his formspring). Could you link to Mr Muto's answer (I couldn't find it on Google)?

Others have answered your questions about Too Young, but let me just add on to why the doctors didn't fix her: PB knows much more about candy people anatomy than those doctors do, as shown by her experiments. PB's desire to stay 13 explains why she didn't do anything later, when she was conscious.

About the character development: it shows why Finn and PB's age difference is such a problem- Finn isn't mature enough for her 18 year old self. I interpreted the metaphor at the end (with the wizard stairs) to mean that he will need to learn and mature a lot in order for her to be with him.

I didn't like Wizard Battle because Jake was a huge jerk to Finn, considering that he just got dumped. And wasn't it already well known that he has a thing for Bubblegum? It would have made more sense if he admitted that he STILL likes her after the break-up, but that wasn't acknowledged at all. PB didn't even seem uncomfortable about kissing her ex. The episode would have been much more appropriate in Season 2, when their relationship was still developing.

Btw, this is a calm debate, not close to a flame war.
  • Brokenshell44
  • 13th Sep 11
Well, turns out I confused the "affected by her age" thing with these similar responses made on his formspring

And yes, you all have raised good points (particularly about PB knowing what the doctors didn't),but I just can't accept that the kid who treats killing monsters as afternoon play would have any qualms about killing a glorified frankenstein monster/dictator, or that PB being a scientist would just give up after failing one time.

And yeah, Jake was joking and making fun at Finn about his obvious crush, exactly like he did before the dumping. Nothing about the episode left any impact. When I said everything went back to square one, I meant everything. Its like I said, if none of this was going to impact the series, why do it, or make such a big flippin' deal about it by making it The Reveal at the end of the season 2 finale?

But atleast one good thing came of it: this response by Mr.Muto to a ridiculous question
  • Gerazzi
  • 24th Sep 11
I don't watch Adventure Time for the plot, but when I do, it involves romantic tension.

There are many things wrong with it, but I still like it. I don't know, maybe the horrific state of cartoon network makes me look for anything even remotely good.
  • billyjoel42
  • 13th Nov 11
I'm fairly sure those 'warped aesops' you were complaining about were spoof aesops.
  • bannanaphoneist
  • 6th Aug 12
My two cents- I find the show hilarious sometimes because of the above reasons. The broken Aesops seem to parody how kids shows always need an Aesop by creating Aesops that are bad, family unfriendly or subverted.

I can forgive shows for having flawed pieces like "Too Young", which was caused by the writers (long after doing it) realising that the only way to keep PB in the show was to re-age her. A disappointing but understandable problem. As for character development, setting the relationship back to square one was the point- They CAN'T be together, due to age difference. This also sets up Flame Princess, Finn's first truly potential love interest.

Magic Man wasn't about beggars, it was about the true but not-safe-for-kids reality that sometimes people are just assholes, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Lemongrab was interesting. He was meant to be a 1 dimensional ass that only got a single episode. But when a staff worker decided to flesh him out, we ended up with the poor, misunderstood and mentally disturbed semi-woobie we have now.

This show is definitely not a thing that is universally loved, that combined with hype backlash creates a number of haters.

To the original person- Yes, it is hard to not piss people of with your reviews, a few things to keep in mind is not to take it personally, even when you don't like it. This doesn't mean "don't have an opinion" but rather avoid literally hatting the show or fans. Just say you dislike the show.

As said before, keep it detailed and justified. Cover positive and negative, and even if the evidence doesn't stack up in your opinion, don't try and twist it. You can keep your opinion, just keep the analysis and opinion separate.

I love Adventure Time, and can also understand that there are times when it isn't good or the humour isn't in my tastes (I abhor most scatological humour) but my opinion stands. As yours may also.

May everyone have a good night.
  • bannanaphoneist
  • 6th Aug 12
Oh. forgot to mention. The autotuned song was a brick joke to an earlier episode where he starts off singing in an autotuned voice with Jake, who asks him about the voice and is told to remember the time he swallowed a tiny computer. This is completely irrelevant to the plot and he doesn't sing at any other point in the episode, clearly a joke.

It comes back a few times but during the serious song at the end of "What Was Missing" he uses a non-autotuned voice showing the voice actor has an okay singing voice (good sound, mostly in pitch) thus cementing that it was a joke that simply recurred a few times (including the Magic Man episode). And autotune doesn't sound THAT bad unless deliberate.
  • MissKayoSudou
  • 28th Oct 12
Although the poster of this review couldn't have know this at the time, in retrospect Too Young was obviously a stepping stone to make room for the new love interest, Flame Princess.

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