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Reviews Comments: The True Wacky Wayside Tribe One,and the Tedious One Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban film/book review by terlwyth

If Chamber of Secrets and this book were contested for Wacky Wayside Tribe as Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew are for the culprit behind Lily and James Potter's demise,it would be that the second book and Chris Columbus film are Sirius Black accused of in-universe making the least sense and sucking while the NOT-VOLDEMORT wielding third book and the Narmy Cuaron movie likewise get off scot-free like Pettigrew.

And yes I do believe this to not only be the truly most non-sensical book (and movie to) in-universe,but also the happiest book to,considering no one almost died,no evil deceiving objects[like the Mirror of Ersed],no Tear Jerkers,and mostly just a set-up of Chekovs Gunmen.

The plot is cliche and lacks any of the originality or possible suspense the others have.It started off fine and dandy with by far my favorite Dursley encounter with Aunt Marge getting blown up and the intro of her,but after Harry gets to The Leaky Cauldron it slows down to nothingness without even the slightest "Harry felt his scar" part,just Harry and Co. doing time at Hogwarts as if they were Hufflepuffs. It doesn't go anywhere until Malfoy gets attacked by Buckbeak,or maybe the Maurader's backstory [not quite sure which one happened first].Anyway everything after that was original and as fun as the the other 5 [once again not 7]. The writing during the slow parts was serviceable and often funny when describing some of the tender and cute moments and Rowling masterfully worked that climax. Between the Shrieking Shack and Lupin becoming a werewolf,goodness I need ,....some more.

In the end though the two new characters Lupin and Sirius were nice new entries,who were amusing to get to know delving through the pages,and the Character Development is great with the main trio. With Harry's darker side being explored a bit,Snape's nicer side it's hard to ignore that Rowling has done some things right. And it was nice to see the trio go places other than Hogwarts to add something new and fresh and Hogsmeade sounded like fun.But in the end it was just a big diversion from the main plot,at some times good,but mostly dull.

Grade: C-

Any questions I'll gladly elaborate


  • Kingcobrasaurus
  • 22nd Aug 11
Explain to me how the plot is cliche
  • terlwyth
  • 23rd Aug 11
Lets see, oh yes murderer is after boy,murderer had connection to boy before {betraying his parents},murderer turns out innocent while the actual culprit is hiding,but the culprit ends up being a creature you'd expect. Harry is angry about being lied to and the friends divide over petty things {The broom and Scabbers}

I mean if Pettigrew was Crookshanks or Sirius was lying about his innocence that would be original,but who didn't see either of those from a mile away?

I suppose you could call Hagird being innocent unoriginal,but then again we've all gotten to known Hagrid,it's not in him to do that. Sirius we know very little about,but from how everything is written,even though more and more you're supposed to get suspicious until The Reveal,its just too suspicious.

And what isn't about Sirius is just Foreshadowing to massive Wangst to come in two books,and Wangst with teenagers,can you get less original than that? It is Truth In Television yes,but its still very irritating to read and incredibly jarring after Harry was pretty much in a good disposition the whole time last book,even when Hermione was petrified.
  • spambot
  • 23rd Aug 11
I honestly can't tell if this review is serious or not.
  • Lucymae2
  • 11th Feb 14
Okay, so you're talking about Sirius, but then you're talking about Hagrid being innocent, but then you're talking about Pettigrew, but then you're talking about Hermoine being petrified, all as if they're one book.

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