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11:53:47 AM Aug 13th 2016
I'm not sure about the entry saying that Marge and Lisa are both examples of Creator's Pet. A Creator's Pet has to be The Scrappy, a Creator's Favorite, be on the receiving end of Character Shilling, and be the subject of Character Focus. I don't think that Lisa is The Scrappy; I think she's a Base-Breaking Character (the page itself even says in the Base-Breaking Character entry, "[Lisa's] either loved for being a smart, sensitive, progressively-thinking young girl or hated for being too preachy and seen as an Author Avatar Canon Sue."). And I haven't seen her be on the receiving end of Character Shilling, either. As for Creator's Favorite and Character Focus, I'd say she is both of those things, because she's Matt Groening's favourite character, and a lot of the plots have been recently focused on her. As for Marge, I'd say she's a Base-Breaking Character (as the entry for Base-Breaking Character also acknowledges) who isn't the Creator's Favorite, doesn't receive Character Shilling, and isn't the subject of Character Focus.
10:58:47 AM Nov 21st 2013
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  • Mis-blamed: Mike Scully and Al Jean tend to get all the blame from fans who dislike episodes from their respective times as showrunner, while Scully also gets a lot of hate for episodes made after he became an producer. The showrunner position is mostly involved with management and quality control, it's not like Scully or Jean personally could made all the unpopular changes to the show even if they wanted. The Simpsons has been on for ages and has always had very high writer turnover, some of the Seasonal Rot and Dork Age complaints are inevitable in light of this.

A showrunner oversees and has final approval over the writing, and bears responsibilty for the finished product. And considering most of the complaints post-season 8 concern the writing, I don't see how mis-blamed applies here. (There are other points, like the animation quality for example, but Scully and Jean have rarely been personally attacked over that.)
08:17:02 PM May 8th 2013
Who keeps deleting everything?
05:49:15 AM May 9th 2013
From the History, looks like bunchacrunch.
02:15:38 PM May 9th 2013
I think they're the same person as Bubble Bath Jones, Corn Cob Man, etc. Should somebody look into this?
03:27:47 PM Aug 10th 2012
Has anyone noticed a lot of hatred stemmed to Homer Simpson on this page? Cause I have
05:00:11 PM Aug 31st 2012
I have as well.
05:51:33 PM Aug 31st 2012
Not just here either. I just cleaned up a massive anti-Homer tirade in the movie's page.
09:16:37 PM Feb 7th 2012
Who removed Seasonal Rot?
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