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11:17:30 PM Feb 22nd 2014
Pulling these because the game-unbalancing aspects of some of these examples is questionable.

  • Game Breaker:
    • The Sentinel's Tech Armor. With the right upgrades, the cooldown times are short, when destroyed it automatically replenishes Shepard's natural shields and causes a wide pulse that stumbles nearby enemies, and when activated automatically sets squadmates' cooldowns to zero (the last one thanks to Good Bad Bugs).
    • The M-12 Locust submachine gun you unlock during Kasumi's Loyalty Mission tears through the rest of the game like paper. It has a 25% bonus against all targets (as opposed to the 0/50%/50% depending on the gun and target, of other submachine guns), has a base damage of 25 (over a 50% increase of the Tempest and 25% over the Shuriken), fires slow and accurately enough that you can accurately pick off targets at long range and carries so much ammunition that you will never run out unless you aim with your feet.
    • The DLC Mattock Heavy Rifle with Adrenaline Rush.
    • The Widow. And enough skill on the player's part to headshot enemies.
    • Miranda and Thane if Shepard is an Adept. Warp is extremely useful but has a relatively long cooldown time. The player can have Shepard cast Pull or Singularity, which both have much shorter cooldowns, then use Miranda or Thane's Warp to detonate it, allowing the player to continue casting crowd-control powers or throw out their own Warp last for extra damage.
    • Samara's loyalty power, Reave. It deals a large amount of continuous damage to the target, does double damage to armor and biotic barriers, and heals the user if used on an organic target. Since Collectors and their minions exclusively use armor or barriers, rather than shields, having Shepard equipped with Reave (via Advanced Training) makes the suicide mission a cakewalk. Just find good cover, spam Reave at anything tougher than an Abomination that comes at you, rinse, and repeat.
    • Stasis, the bonus power gained for Liara allows you to freeze enemies in their place. Once released, the enemy will still be temporarily stunned and extra vulnerable. An unexpected bug made them more vulnerable than intended, allowing players to oneshot nearly every enemy possible. Not to mention if you get lucky and stasis a Collector right before it's possessed by Harbinger, you could possibly one shot it too.
    • Miranda's loyalty power Slam. Instant-kill on Husks, even at the lowest level, it's also incredibly cathartic to spend the final stage of the bossfight against Tela Vasir just repeatedly slamming her onto the ground until she stops squealing.
    • Inferno Ammo, one of the upgrade choices to Incendiary Ammo. Often overlooked in favor of Armor Piercing Ammo, which has a higher damage bonus. Inferno Ammo works against armor and only does 10% less damage, however, so it's extremely unlikely to be in a situation where the difference would actually give Armor Piercing Ammo a kill that Inferno Ammo wouldn't get on the same shot. Inferno Ammo also applies a damage-over-time effect, and is area-of-effect when it hits a target, neither of which Armor Piercing will do.
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