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03:53:25 AM Jan 2nd 2013
Roy is a tool and an all round murdering bastard, but I don't think he really qualifies as a Complete Monster since he genuinely cares about Bessie and the Ghouls in his charge, and wants to make their lot better.
05:15:17 AM Aug 26th 2013
It got brought up in the cleanup thread, but really there is little evidence that he actually cares about Bessie and the Ghouls compared to him simply becoming the new Tennpenny and looking out for himself. Not he is nice to you when you help him get in, and then once he has his power he threatens to murder you if you don't drop the matter of the murdered tennants.
10:39:00 AM Jun 20th 2012
The Good Bad Bug about the perk points. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it doesn't persist. I follow the instructions given, check the skill screen, and, yay!, the points remain. Spam for points, confirm spamming on skill screen, confirm perk selection, and *poof* spammed points are gone.
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