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07:06:07 AM Sep 9th 2016
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Though it feels unfair to bring up any aspect of the end of the sequel's fifth case as this, the Big Bad raises a particularly interesting legal question: can (or should) a chessmaster be held accountable for murders that he has deliberately manipulated other people into committing if there is no direct incitement to kill or other (provable) criminal activity on his part? Unfortunately, rather than answer that question, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope occurs when it turns out he actually did kill one of the victims himself and the case reverts to the traditional task of finding scant pieces of evidence that prove wrongdoing.
Except that game clearly states that instigating murder IS illegal, they just couldn't prove that he did it. Even if what The Chessmaster did was illegal it's not a matter of whether or not he's responsible for doing it, but whether or not you can prove in court that he did it, you cannot just convicted him on basis that you think his guilty, and the fact that he knew that it would end like this is unprovable. There is nothing the came could have done about it.
06:47:21 AM Feb 11th 2015
edited by MyTimingIsOff
About the Karma Houdini entry:

Karma Houdini is not a YMMV item. It is an objective trope. Objective tropes do not go on YMMV pages, period. Furthermore, objective trope examples need to be, well, objective. It is not OK to try and circumvent Examples Are Not Arguable by shoehorning it onto the YMMV page for the sake of complaining. How "some feel" is irrelevant. Objective trope examples being opinion-based are against policy, and slapping them on the YMMV page does not justify it. Ever.
08:01:25 AM Feb 11th 2015
Messaged them to come here.
05:06:56 PM Feb 11th 2015
It can be placed on the Main Page if needed, but you have yet to provide a single example as to why it doesn't apply.
08:17:31 AM Feb 12th 2015
It does not apply to this page is the issue. Also, "some feel" is Weasel Words; they don't belong.
01:36:16 PM Feb 12th 2015
So a simple removal of those words, and placing it on the proper page, is the only issue? That's easily done
01:53:42 PM Feb 12th 2015
Well that, and the fact it seems like shoehorning. Haven't played the game but the writeup sounds more ranty than a fair assessment of her.
02:53:02 PM Feb 12th 2015
I have played the game (and I also served on the Fan Translation patch team) and I can tell you that it is accurate. She doesn't get any comeuppance for hiding evidence, preventing witnesses from being interviewed, and accepting a confession from someone who, being amnesiac, cannot be accepted as fact.
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