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03:44:48 AM Jan 12th 2016
Threw this out of SAO:
  • In the second to last episode of the first season, The Gilded Hero, Sugou/Oberon shows up just as Kirito is about to save Asuna. He spams his Game Master status by pinning Kirito to the ground with gravity-based magic, chaining-up Asuna, and finally, as Kirito tries to get up, he kicks him onto the ground, telling him to "stay down and grovel like a good little doggy". He plans to do something terrible to Kirito with his own sword.
    You'd Think: Oberon would either behead Kirito or stab him in his head and through his brain, killing him in the game (note that this is before he changes the pain absorber, so Kirito wouldn't die in real life, just in the game).
    Instead: He stabs Kirito through his back with Kirito's own sword, which doesn't kill him instantly.
    Next: He is about to change the pain absorber level.
    You'd Think: Oberon would immediately set the pain absorber from level 10 to below level 3, maybe even to level 0, before he goes and rapes Asuna, because once it drops bellow level 3, the pain absorber starts affecting a user's body in the real world. And since Oberon stabbed Kirito through his spine, in addition to breaking Kirito's back and spinal nerves, seeing Asuna in pain as Oberon assaults and rapes her would inflict even more pain on Kirito and kill him in real life. The Bad Guy Wins. The end.
    Instead: He sets it to level 8, and tells Kirito that he plans to gradually lower it to, in his own words, "give [him] something to look forward to," once he's done assaulting Asuna. He also adds that once it drops below level 3, it starts affecting a user's body in the real world. When Kirito gets his Heroic Second Wind from Kayaba's spirit and is lent his admin. status from him, he then reduces Oberon's in game level status to level 1, and after testing out the system command to summon a weapon, Kirito then sets Oberon's pain absorber level from level 8 to level 0 for Oberon himself, painfully kills him, and saves Asuna. As a result, Sugou suffers some pretty bad phantom injuries in real life and loses some vision in his right eye (as Oberon, his avatar, was stabbed in the eye when he was killed by Kirito). And when Sugou tries to kill Kirito in the real world in the hospital parking lot, he ends up being overpowered and faints after screaming and urinating in his pants, leading to Sugou's eventual arrest.

Sugou couldn't insta-kill Kirito by the game rules, even if he was admin Kirito still had his life bar, Sugou could slice and dice him and he still wouldn't have died instantly. About the part about pain absorber it was overconfidence on his part, and maybe a bit of genre blindness, but certainly not What an Idiot. Keep in mind Sugou was admin, he was in full control of the situation, and Kirito couldn't do anything before Kayaba intervened, and his interventionwas blatant and literal Deus ex Machina Sugou couldn't have foreseen, and after that there was nothing he could have done.
06:47:38 AM Dec 9th 2012
I was thinking shouldn't we remove the part about Danzo not using his mind control technique, due impart to the fact it can only be used once every 24, and prior to this had used it to control one of the mizukage's guards so he really couldn't bluff while waiting for it to recharge. Though the part about him confirming what Itachi said still counts.
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