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03:48:09 PM Sep 7th 2010
edited by Peteman
  • Marty Stu: Oh god, this comic defines the trope. In-universe, Ryan is improbably handsome, a veritable Casanova, successful in everything he attempts. He's wealthy. He is an asshole to everybody, and they lap it up and ask for more. Treats women, especially his one night stands like crap, and they love him for it and want more. Despite his sexual escapades, never suffers Unintended Consequences of his actions, such as an unwanted pregnancy or STD. Arcs with Rayne suddenly being the man to go to for business advice are really pushing it (not to mention him bluffing his way into a major, high-paying job) to which he can act however he wants in, completely violating Work Ethics because the company supposedly 'Needs his talent'. It's even stated that he's not that bad a guy, because he helps out tons of people (like in the car accident strips), takes care of several disadvantaged folk (Urchin & the Homeless Artist), never leads girls on despite sleeping around like a madman, etc.
    • Your Mileage May Vary, but this is one of the few instances where such a character is forgivable; while Rayne's behavior would certainly be irritating in a serious setting, so much of the comic is played for laughs that it's not hard to just roll with it and laugh at the jokes. Even the semi-serious plot arcs contain enough lighthearted silliness to keep Rayne from being offensive.

Huge natterfest, needs sorting.
12:24:01 AM Sep 30th 2010
Current version is fine (and true). CommandoDude just needs to get over his Hate Dumb and stop telling people to go to the discussion page to read this "huge natterfest".
08:29:20 AM Sep 30th 2010
edited by CommandoDude
Oh please, "Hate Dumb" is just a strawman people point to whenever anyone ever has a point about how crappy something is. Frankly, I only suggested reading this because it actually had case by case DETAILS Justifying how much of a huge Marty Stu Rayne is. If I'm such a "Hatedumb" tell me which kind I am then. Have you ever actually READ that article?

The current version is not fine, because it only seeks to defend the webcomic from any criticism. Quoting the author also has no relevance to the stuness of LICD.
10:39:03 PM Sep 30th 2010
Actually, I can. You are an Author Hater. Most of your contributions on this page were more focused on "sticking it to Ryan Sohmer" than they were towards the comic itself.

Besides, in spite of the name similarities, Rayne is not a full mouthpiece for Sohmer. I've met the guy. I've heard him give props to a good amount of webcomics including Applegeeks and PVP. And if he really did think all webcomics were trash, he wouldn't work with Kurtz and other webcomic artists on The Gutters, now would he?

Besides, you're stuffing your opinion down there while ignoring the tone of the webcomic. It's a comedy webcomic, of course they're not going to do stories on unwanted pregnancies or life-threatening ST Ds. (Rayne did get crabs from wearing a Shatner-worn Kirk uniform though) And then go on saying how the author is a Marty Stu because he's a Complete Monster, but then complain that he has plenty of moments when he isn't one.

So yeah. You, sir, are an Author Hating variant of Hate Dumb.
01:36:24 AM Oct 1st 2010
I'm an author hater? That's funny, because I actually enjoy Looking For Group, a different web comic made by the same 2 people as LICD. And while it has bad things about it, it's not an abomination like this one.

So, actually, you're wrong about that.

By the way, the guy is incredibly childish. He can't stand criticism about his comic at all.
05:19:57 AM Oct 1st 2010
This page is about the work, not the author. More specifically, it's about listing tropes pertaining to the work. If ranting about how awful the author/work is gets in the way of that, then it is expendable.
05:12:09 AM May 3rd 2011
I think the Crowning moments need a lot of contribution as they at most have two. I'm sure if everyone thought about it they can think of a moment like for Awesome when Noel beat the crap out of Rayne and said he did it with a smile on his face.
05:10:53 AM Jun 13th 2011
edited by marcellX
I like (although I'm bored of it now, but that's not the point) Least I could Do, and it's true that Rayne is a Marty Stu and the retributions he suffers are more small and often just for the point of comedy, but I have to agree with Commando Dude, he pointed out that it just needed some edits, not delete it all together, but Commando Dude you could had edit it yourself too (though I don't know the whole story behind it all)
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