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05:18:38 AM Sep 28th 2014
Who the heck keeps uploading the side comics and where can I find them because I want to read all of them!
02:23:44 PM Jun 30th 2014
Does Where the Hell Is Springfield? belong here? The city it takes place in depends on localization but even in the Japanese version, there are geographical oddities like GYAXA, which parodies JAXA (which is on an island).
05:46:24 AM Jul 16th 2012
In case 1-5, Gumshoe writes a memo to Edgeworth on the back of a poster for a new french restaurant. This restaurant is almost certainly Tres Bien, the scene of a murder in case 3-3. What trope would this fall under?
10:06:46 AM Jul 17th 2012
It seems like Early-Bird Cameo. Since 1-5 was released after or at the same time the third game was made.
11:59:16 AM Apr 7th 2012
Why is Mia's Death all over the main page without any spoiler tags and no obvious reason as to why I must know that from just glancing at the page? I didn't know anything about phoenix wright's story but now I know his mentor dies, while her being called the "Obi-Wan" should be a hint it doesn't seem like it needs to be just out there unmarked and with a small excuse that it's a "Late Arrival Spoiler". I'd edit the page and put them in spoilers but I know nothing of the series so yeah, why is just unmarked?
11:25:17 AM Apr 8th 2012
It's the very first plot event following the tutorial case in the first game, and it's nigh impossible to explain anything about the rest of the games without somehow mentioning that Mia is dead. Most people file it under "You should know this already".
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