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11:31:45 PM Aug 16th 2014
The troper that added World of Pun claims they're everywhere, but I actively searched for them and found only four. So, either I'm missing a lot of puns, or that trope should be taken off. If there are indeed many puns in the game, some more examples should be added in my opinion.
04:33:55 AM Aug 17th 2014
It's also an Zero-Context Example. I did change it to a Pun example, since the example context seems to fit.
01:55:55 PM Mar 2nd 2013
I went through Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book trope and the entire page depicting The Binding of Isaac. The entire game is this, and I think it should be noted.
07:23:26 PM Jul 25th 2012
I went through the page and revised the ??? entries so that they actually use spoilers to hide relevant information about the character. Now we need to decide if we want to keep it hidden, or unspoiler it entirely.

As I mentioned in the edit summary, there's really no point in spoilering just the name "???", given that it adds no meaningful information about the character.
04:12:42 PM May 30th 2012
What's with the vandalism?!
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