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06:19:03 PM Aug 6th 2013
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Does Hope Bringer belong in the main page,or the character page? Given the way one of the quests in the Neutral end turns out...
10:20:10 AM Jul 31st 2013
Is there any point to having a physical attacker? I want to add Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards about how Warriors (and the Strength stat) very quickly becomes almost completely useless, but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.
12:34:56 PM Aug 6th 2013
Physical builds are surprisingly viable. While a Strength focus may not be as consistently useful as magic, a Dex build can be. Additionally, the Desperate Hit and Riot Gun skills are easily two of the best skills in the game. Magic is certainly the path of least resistance, but it's nowhere near as bad as it could be.
04:01:45 PM Dec 17th 2013
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I just pump points into Dexterity, followed by Agility, then Magic, then Luck. Strength comes dead last.

(If you're wondering why then I have more physical power than gun power: I equipped an all-targeting gun. With regards to stats: Incenses.)
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