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04:57:23 PM Sep 4th 2011
Why was this article moved from Mainspace? Just wondering.
05:26:11 PM Sep 4th 2011
edited by AMNK
Check the forums => Special Efforts => Wick namespace moving thread.

Works now belong in their genre's namespaces. The Main namespace is now reserved for tropes.
07:05:47 AM Jul 3rd 2011
I was wondering if there was a trope related to the time setting of the game? It LOOKS like it could pretty well be present day, albeit with some tech advances we could probably credit the aliens for.

But we know it's at least a bit into the future, based on the calenders in Duke 3D if nothing else. But IF I did my math right, if America is on it's 67th President as the game starts, that would place it anywhere from 2104 to 2196. Though it could be set a bit earlier if there are some Presidents that don't serve even a 4-year term.

But at any the number of the President is most likely less of a way to date the game than it is to set Duke up to run for the 69th Presidency.
07:12:29 AM Jul 3rd 2011
03:06:52 PM Oct 15th 2011
All the Presidents kept dying from the Alien Invasions?
03:39:42 PM Jun 18th 2011
Old Man Ho Oh is edit warring over this entry.

He refuses to have it on the main page, he refuses to have it on YMMV. Could I get some consensus on this?
12:32:43 AM Jun 20th 2011
edited by wkz
From only the 2 links above: A third party company not exactly related to Take 2 (and definitely NOT Gearbox) has an employee that broadcasted company-unsanctioned crap against the public... and is almost immediately lynched, detached, disconnected and removed from any responsibility of being associated with the game by the distributor (Take 2)?

Sounds legit to me... but also this: sounds like it should have NOTHING to do with the game at all. I think removing this is a good call.
03:40:53 PM Jun 17th 2011
I eally do not know if it is a reference of a accidental one, but The front cover - Is it implying that Duke has a Goldmember? Refering to Austin Powers.
10:03:56 PM Jun 15th 2011
Are people slamming it too hard? I know Hype Backlash is coming into effect here, because no, the game isn't amazing or ground breaking. But its really not a bad game either. It seems to me like people were holding it up to impossibly high standards because its development time.

Then again, I haven't been on edge waiting for the game, so maybe I'm more forgiving that its not perfect.
10:14:30 PM Jun 15th 2011
I think impossible expectations have something to do with it. The shoddy 360 port and poor handling of certain PC features like dedicated servers didn't help matters, though. But really, whenever I read a negative review of the game, it's almost as if the reviewer wanted to hate the game no matter what.
12:44:41 PM Jun 18th 2011
You know, I saw two sides of this debate:

If the game did well, people would have claimed that reviewers were so hyped they wanted to like the game.

If the game did poorly, people would have claimed the reviewers were over-hyped and they wanted to hate it.

Frankly, disregarding the criticisms because you disagree with them is useless.
10:51:30 AM Jun 20th 2011
This has an effect on this same page. So far, many people have edited it to complain about a game they don't like. And that's bad.
12:43:05 AM Sep 8th 2011
The sad fact is the game does not play well. Not for a 1995 throwback, not for today's standards. It is worth playing if you can look past the rape jokes, but the quality really is quite poor.
04:02:28 AM Sep 8th 2011
Hype Backlash was already in effect given the game's lengthy development schedule. Most people don't usually factor in the numerous engine restarts and consider the game to have been done over all the fourteen years they spent on it, when in fact probably only about a third of it was spent developing the actual game on the engine it currently uses.

At the end of the consumer's day, the only thing they care is that they waited for nearly a generation just for a game that doesn't quite match up to many of the other first-person shooters on the market. At the end of Gearbox's day, they just want to wrap up the big mess that 3D Realms started so that people can stop waiting.
08:37:21 PM Jun 15th 2011
edited by Triforceformer
Why is Rape As Comedy on the page? As far as I've played in the supposed offending level, The Hive, it hardly plays the whole thing off as a joke. Hell, aside from Duke saying "Why do they always take the hot ones" once, Duke does not make any real jokes about it. While Duke does make one pun when he finds the Holsom Twins, that's not so much the developers thinking rape is funny, as it is Duke's joke is funny when compared to such a distressing situation.
12:43:36 PM Jun 18th 2011
I'd say that by the sheer amount of people who disagree and think that it was supposed to be funny, you're entitled to remark that there are varying opinions on how it was portrayed, but to acknowledge that the trope might actually be applying.
07:12:31 AM Jan 29th 2013
edited by gameragodzilla
The problem is that the perception is wrong. In any objective playthrough, you don't see Duke making a joke out of the women getting raped. When he put the women out of their misery, he's remorseful about it. When the Holsom Twins die, Duke is notably angry and swears vengeance. The only joke he cracks at the Holsom Twins was after he caught up to the twins and thought he could rescue them (the women didn't explode yet, so Duke, at that point, doesn't know they'll die). The joke was cracked to help reduce some tension in a stressful situation, and the twins actually crack a joke back. When they die, Duke swears revenge. No where in the entire game is rape actually treated as a joke. Yeah, in the Hive, Duke still cracks jokes at the aliens, but that's at the ALIENS, not the human women.

It doesn't matter what people think. From an objective standpoint, rape is not treated as a joke, hence people are getting offended by the game they built up in their heads, not the actual game in real life, which is unfair to the game.
01:13:10 PM Jun 15th 2011
edited by CBanana
Rated M for Manly versus Testosterone Poisoning

As I understand it, these two tropes are mutually exclusive as the first one is over-the-top masculinity played straight while the latter is the parodied version. While two tropes could refer to different scenes or themes, it's not really explained in the main article. I'll remove the second one for now until which one it is becomes clearer.
12:42:20 PM Jun 18th 2011
The game both parodies it and plays it straight—or, rather, you could say it hangs a lampshade on its own Rated M for Manly.
06:56:15 PM Jun 14th 2011
Does anyone know about this "Explorable Duke Nukem Apartment" I've heard about. It supposedly has all the babes you saw in the babes trailer and can be customized. How do you get and where is it located in the menu?
09:43:48 PM Jun 15th 2011
Its in the online menu. The selection is called "My Digs."
03:51:44 PM Jan 28th 2011
The "all out of gum" thing being mentioned in the trailer is an Ascended Meme because it's in there solely due to the line's memetic status. To use Flying V's example, if a sequel to 300 came out and someone said ''THIS IS SPARTA!" in imitation of the line's use in the first movie, it would be an ascended meme - because its inclusion would be the sole product of the phrase's popularity.
05:03:58 PM Sep 3rd 2010
Called it. Even with the lawsuits and the smoke and mirrors and half a million different conspiracies, my bet stayed on Duke since 2002.

I don't expect it to be an epic seller, but, hey, that wasn't part of the bet, now, was it?
01:32:08 AM Sep 5th 2010
It wasn't really about whether it'll come out some day, but more about whether it will live up to the hype. And now it seems Gearbox is making it into a rather generic console shooter. One in a long line of mediocre Duke games.
07:22:22 PM Jun 11th 2011
Just because it has current conventions of First Person Shooters doesn't make it generic. It would be about as valid as calling Duke Nukem 3D generic because it had secrets and health packs, all of which were conventions of the FPS genre at the time. It would only be generic if Duke was another Heroic Mime instead of the wise-cracking Bad Ass everyone loves him as. This game injects humor and fun into a genre that seems to be taking itself very seriously right now.
06:28:22 PM Jul 31st 2010
edited by NeoChaos
Because I knew somebody was going to bring it up - the blog entry from a former DNF developer claiming the project is/was a big scam is fictional:

The guy is a former DNF developer, but he made the story up as a joke as a response to all the people asking what had been taking the project so long. Apparently, a year after he reposted it people are still falling for it.
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