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02:38:04 AM Oct 15th 2017
edited by jormis29
Jeeze the page is so big that The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches could be made into seperate VideoGame/ pages like Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
06:14:27 AM Oct 15th 2017
There are already sub-folders for that reason alone.But I don't think there's any justification for a separate page because they weren't released as standalone.

You need D1 to play the DLC
08:05:46 PM Mar 7th 2014
The 'Shout Out' section has many very weak entries. Please remember that Shout Outs should be verifiable or at least highly probable. The whole idea of this trope is its recognisability.

The 'plague symbol' does not resemble the Horned God (Skaven) symbol (occult markings on the other hand...). If anything, this may be a reference to the symbol used in the novel 'Have Mercy on Us All' by Fred Vargas, where it is revealed to be a mark used to ward off plague in 15th century France.

Brown haired servant named Lydia in a Bethesda game - well, the game was developed by Arkane Studios. Bethesda is only the publisher.

Nothing links Overseer masks to the '300' specifically. Elder Scrolls III is a interesting track though. Not verified but the similarities are striking.

Corvo as Emily's father is a stretch. It is not even a fact, just speculation. Uncertain parentage is very common trope. Sure, the situation is similar to the one in 'Bioshock' and the game itself influenced people from Arkane, but it's hardly a shout out.

The Blink training in Flooded District IS a Shout-Out to Thief: The Dark Project as the instructor uses the lines from this particular game. Also, confirmed by Word of God (not to mention the whole game is a homage to 'Thief' series). No verifiable linkage to Harry Potter.

The last one - High Chaos playthrough and Emily becoming sociopathic due to actions of Corvo is a general trope and shows nothing that links it to Kick Ass specifically. It is a 'bad ending' of 'Bioshock' if anything.
06:45:07 PM Mar 28th 2013
Pulled a bad example:

  • Artificial Stupidity: Although this game has many examples of AI brilliance, it still has a few lapses:
    • The first time you approach a Wall of Light at Lady Boyle's party, a nearby guard will warn Corvo (who is in disguise as a guest) that the wall is dangerous. He will do this even if Corvo has used Possession to take the form of a rat. Awfully nice for him to be so concerned for the safety of the local vermin.
    • If you turn subtitles up to "all", River Krusts (immobile, spore-launching mollusks) will be subtitled as crying out in surprise if a grenade lands near them.

Pretty sure that's not an example of Artificial Stupidity. That's for AI glitches, not this. Anyone have a better spot for it.
09:20:04 PM Mar 28th 2013
The first one is an AI glitch. The second is Good Bad Bugs.
07:18:44 AM Mar 29th 2013
Neither one is Artificial Stupidity.
08:54:17 AM Mar 29th 2013
^^ AI glitches as in "The mook threw a grenade at his feet," not "dialogue triggered at the wrong moment."
02:44:56 PM Oct 22nd 2012
edited by Jebus2K10
I know that in the second Tales of Dunwall video, we see the boy become a Weeper. I didn't see, however, where it said, either in the video or the game, that he was the first Weeper.

Did I miss something or is that just fanon?

Edit: Watching the video again, there is already "DEATH IS UPON US" and "KILL THE RATS" graffiti in the alley where the kid meets the Outsider, so there is no way that the kid was the first Weeper.
07:02:29 PM Oct 17th 2012
edited by bbg1129
I have no desire to start an edit war, but I was looking back through the history for the main page before I corrected something, and noticed it had already been corrected once before, then changed back to the incorrect version.

In the second paragraph describing the game, it was originally this: "Before Corvo is executed, he's contacted by a resistance movement who help him escape from prison. Corvo breaks out, and quickly joins the resistance as a Professional Killer in order to take revenge upon the Lord Regent and his corrupt and villainous government. The resistance isn't the only force who wants to help Corvo, however: a mysterious entity known as the Outsider grants Corvo a Mark that allows him access to otherworldly powers that will be helpful in his quest for revenge."

But it's been changed to this "Before Corvo is executed, a mysterious unworldly being called the Outsider appears to Corvo and gifts him his Mark, granting Corvo the ability to use supernatural powers. Corvo escapes from prison and quickly joins a resistance movement as a Professional Killer in order to take revenge upon the Lord Regent and his corrupt and villainous government."

The outside doesn't visit you until the first time you sleep at the pub, which is after the prison escape. The resistance gives you a note, and a key, which starts the whole escape thing.

This is actually noted under "never trust a trailer" further down the page.

I'm not sure why it was changed. Should I go ahead and change it back? I'm still rather new on wiki etiquette, so I wanted to ask first.

(edited because OMG where did my paragraphs go???)
11:42:28 AM Oct 18th 2012
Appears to have been fixed now
05:34:32 AM Oct 17th 2012
Under Karma Meter:

"Some of the effects of the Chaos level are more subtle; they can even be seen in the last part of the first mission. Two Overseers will be talking to a third who's got the plague. If you've killed over a dozen guards by now, the infectee will try to pretend he's fine while his comrades angrily cut him down. If you've been playing pacifist (or near-pacifist) the infectee will volunteer to be executed so he doesn't hurt his friends."

I've done this mission with both Ghost and Clean Hands (Along with the Prison Escape, so no deaths or alarms until this point), and the overseer was murdered by his comrades, no "volunteering" or whatever. I question if it is really Karma-related or not just random.
11:19:09 AM Oct 17th 2012
I was the one who made that entry and I've definitely seen it both ways.
10:30:36 PM Oct 16th 2012
the karma meter entry: the second biggest source of arguing on the wiki. Number one? corvo's possible parentage of Emily.

09:53:55 PM Oct 14th 2012
Is it just me, or did no-one else notice that the "Broadcaster" (Carrie Fisher's listed role), Sounds very clearly like a man? And the character you meet in the Mission to take out Burrows is also clearly a man, with the announcer's voice?
11:31:07 PM Oct 14th 2012
Apparently, Carrie Fisher's broadcaster appears if you kill the original broadcaster. Not sure what that's all about. Presumably they had other plans when they cast her.
01:38:19 AM Oct 15th 2012
Oh, OK. Guess I've got one more target for my next run, :p.
08:51:57 PM Oct 9th 2012
Doesn't this game seem a bit reminiscent of Assassin's Creed to anyone? You know, le parkour, assassinating targets, etc.
01:09:04 AM Oct 10th 2012
edited by BornIn1142
Here's a full list of games that various people have claimed that Dishonored is exactly like/ripping off:

Mirror's Edge. Bioshock. Assassin's Creed. Thief. Half-Life 2. Deus Ex. Skyrim. I might have missed some.
10:28:45 PM Oct 16th 2012
The alternate title for Dishonored is "Chronicles of The Darkness: Escape from Assasinshock
02:02:57 PM Oct 4th 2012
Why are the images disappearing?
02:14:28 PM Oct 4th 2012
And randomly reappearing?
04:25:38 AM Aug 18th 2012
"Dishonored is a first-person stealth-based game set in an alternate world resembling Steampunk Victorian London..."

Is alternate world an appropriate descriptor? Doesn't seem like it connects to our world in any fashion to be considered alternate.
10:41:57 PM Oct 4th 2012
The Word of God calls it an alternate world in the dev diaries.
08:08:31 PM Oct 15th 2012
True, but it's not a case of being basically our world with some differences. It's totally different. It's a different globe with different creatures, cultures, metaphysics (the magic and such). It's alternate the same way Middle Earth, Tatooine, or Tamriel is.
06:06:45 AM Nov 18th 2012
It was originally intended as an alternate timeline but they eventually changed the setting entirely, thinking they'd be limiting themselves too much.
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