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06:47:29 AM Jul 21st 2014
Should we have a specific page for the Holocaust? I'd be happy to write one. This was discussed a while ago on the old discussion page, but I don't think anything came of it :(
06:50:21 AM Jul 21st 2014
Yeah, sure. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of works that treat it as a topic listed - we aren't in the troping real life events business anymore, but we do reference stuff that a lot of works are about.
07:05:51 AM Jul 21st 2014
OK - I'll write one up in word, and stick it in the sandbox within the next few days. I'll also discuss things in the History Thread in YF until then?
07:30:42 AM Jul 21st 2014
Yeah, that seems like a good way to do it. Make sure that upon launching the sandbox, you put the sandbox on the cutlist.
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