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10:39:04 PM Jun 10th 2014
I request that whoever keeps labeling the Central Powers "The Allies" stops, and that anybody who sees it please help me revert them.

It's true that the Central Powers did indeed call themselves this on occasion at the time, but that doesn't justify its' use here. It was *never* as prominent as the use of "The Allies" as regarding the Entente (both by themselves and by the Central Powers0.

And even if it was, this is primarily a cultural reference site, where "Allies" primarily refers to those fighting Germany.

Thank you for your help.
04:17:39 AM Jun 11th 2014
Who, specifically, is adding "the allies" as a reference to the central powers?
12:28:03 PM Jun 11th 2014
My guess would be MAI 742 since he seems to be the main person other than myself doing major edit work on this page, but I'd have to check the history logs closer to be certain.

I don't mean to hammer him. He's a good guy on the whole and a lot of his contributions are helpful. But the "Allies/Central Powers" is something I don't believe is one.

Thanks for the help.
09:58:33 PM Jun 16th 2014
Sorry, my bad guys. -_-

How about we copy the academics, who seem 'very' keen on using the terms 'Central Powers' and 'Entente'? They seem to be doing it because that way there's no way anybody can possibly confuse them with the WWII-ones. Which seems like a jolly good idea. ^_^

Heyyyy, 'a lot'? Logistics is indispensible, guys. It's, like, 'the' most important thing (besides planning)!

Thanks for the help, folks. And sorry for the fuss. -_- ^_^
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