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02:00:03 PM Feb 13th 2016
Okay, two things. 1. Is the edit up, and 2. I feel like this trope should have a thing to point out examples that aren't victim blaming. For instance, it's not victim blaming, in theory, to point out that going to the wrong side of the tracks at night can be dangerous. There are ways to lower the chances of of something bad happening. I feel like Strong Female Protagonist did a good strip on this, by having a woman point out, GETTING DRUNK AT A PARTY IS BAD.
03:40:12 AM Aug 7th 2013
The page feels more preachy than neutral and informative.
12:49:58 PM Apr 28th 2014
I rewrote the whole thing a few days ago because I thought the same thing. It is a lot better now.
01:19:43 PM Apr 28th 2014
That rewrite has been brought up on Ask The Tropers.
02:27:17 AM Jun 19th 2014
edited by
I see that a moderator reversed your edit without giving any reason...
05:36:12 PM Mar 14th 2012
While I don't have a problem with the article in general, I disagree strongly with this point: "You do not understand the experiences of another unless you have experienced them, and sometimes not even then." I don't want to just remove it, but perhaps it should be reworded that you might not know exactly what someone else has gone through?
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