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03:40:12 AM Aug 7th 2013
The page feels more preachy than neutral and informative.
12:49:58 PM Apr 28th 2014
I rewrote the whole thing a few days ago because I thought the same thing. It is a lot better now.
01:19:43 PM Apr 28th 2014
That rewrite has been brought up on Ask The Tropers.
02:27:17 AM Jun 19th 2014
edited by
I see that a moderator reversed your edit without giving any reason...
05:36:12 PM Mar 14th 2012
While I don't have a problem with the article in general, I disagree strongly with this point: "You do not understand the experiences of another unless you have experienced them, and sometimes not even then." I don't want to just remove it, but perhaps it should be reworded that you might not know exactly what someone else has gone through?
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