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The Atoner: In some ways; I wasn't always a politically correct, tolerant person, even when I started out on This Very Wiki. I like to think I'm better now.

Brilliant, but Lazy: Averted; I'm just lazy.

Creator Backlash: I'm not so fond of my username now that I've seen people refer to me by it.

Cloud Cuckoolander: Used to be this. Not so much now.

GIFT: Not my best quality, certainly. I'm a lot more approachable in Real Life, I think, because in meatspace people aren't assholes so much.

Stoic Spectacles: In Real Life, though due to said GIFT you'll often find me Not So Stoic.

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: At my worst, though it takes effort to get me there.

Black Comedy: I love it and can find it in a lot of things.

Basement-Dweller: Or living room, such as it is. To avoid getting down, I try to stay relatively social and keep myself from getting terribly overweight.

Loners Are Freaks: I'm not fond of this trope, though it probably does apply to me to an extent.

Knight Templar: When I'm wound up. Otherwise I try to be a bit more neutral.


I like you. - The Jinny

When will you give yourself a prrrromotion?? ~ GMH

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