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12:08:05 AM Mar 25th 2017
Hitler's War Record

This Page has incorrect information from the discredited Thomas Weber.

Peer review has shown Hitler did not make up his war record and he did indeed have to ask for permission to join the Bavarian Army and the records were found for it. Also the photo of him in the crowd was genuine. Weber lied and hid many facts, including the lie he found the records untouched when in fact they had been looked at by John F Williams before him and by others.

Hitler sued only one person over his war record, and the members of his Regiment came forward and defended him. This was in 1932, and many of those defending his record were actually defense witnesses who hated Hitler's politics and admitted as much on the stand, but refused to slander his war service which they confirmed was honorable and respected. Weber ignored this fact.

Private Hitler's War: 1914-1919 (Eyewitnesses from the Great War) by Bob Caruthers sets the record straight.

Hitler never hid what he did and stated clearly in Mein Kampft that he was a message runner.

It was not a safe job, he would come back with bullet holes in his great coat and completely muddy as Regimental HQ was within Machine Gun and Rifle Range. It was also a vital job as communications were often disrupted and Hitler was known for getting through the gunfire and returning with vital messages that helped repel assaults and maintain the communications between RG HQ and BA H Qs. While the Trench Fighters were taking shelter in bombardments, he was outside during them, and this is how he was wounded the first time.

Hitler fought in one pitched fight at Gheluvelt and earned his first Iron Cross by shielding the Regimental XO with his body alongside a fellow soldier who he acknowledged in later writings. Hitler was then promoted to Grefreiter, which at that time wasn't a Corporal Rank but meant he was exempted from watch duty and had extra pay and was first in line for promotions.

The portion on his war service must be rewritten.
11:33:05 PM Feb 15th 2016
edited by Troper251
  • (Whoops, saw the thread to propose edits to locked pages. Nevermind)
02:12:49 PM Aug 17th 2015
"Loose women" shouldn't be on the list of acceptable targets. The Nazi mentality wanted to REMOVE the stigma attached to promiscuity, because it meant more Aryan babies.
09:01:54 AM Aug 18th 2015
Edits to locked pages need to be suggested and approved in this thread. But note that not all promiscuity leads to the birth of more Aryan babies.
07:07:01 PM Mar 3rd 2015
We should have a list of tropes Adolf Hitler provides examples of
12:36:02 AM Mar 4th 2015
No, because Hitler is not a work of fiction.
03:52:22 AM Mar 4th 2015
Yep, no trope examples on this or other Useful Notes pages for this reason.
03:34:51 PM Jun 19th 2014
The FBI has released documents saying that Hitler did NOT die in Germany, instead saying that the US government helped them escape Germany. As a result, Hitler died in Argentina.

So, should the Edit lock be lifted so a trustworthy editor can add in this tidbit of info?
03:44:10 PM Jun 19th 2014
You mean this blatantly untrue tidbit of made up info?
12:28:43 PM Jun 20th 2014
Wikipedia's discussion of the issue.

Bottom line: The topmost article admits by itself that the information is uncertain. There are plenty of sources agreeing with our article. I am willing to apply a "unless everyone else changes its mind as well, we'll keep the old info" standard here.
07:19:09 PM Apr 14th 2014
This reference is no longer valid, but the content seems like it could work somewhere else.

  • Big, Badass Wolf: He seemed to have had an affinity of some sort for wolves. His first name derives from Athalwolf, Old High German for (as stated above) "noble wolf", and for this reason "Wolf" became his childhood nickname. He later used it as a pseudonym for himself in the 1920s, ostensibly for security reasons. When his sister Paula Hitler asked him for financial support around 1930 (she was fired from her job in Vienna when her employers found out who her brother was) he granted her request, but insisted that she go under the assumed name "Paula Wolf" from then on. Some of his military headquarters were named Wolfsschanze ("wolf's lair"), Wolfsschlucht ("wolf's chasm"), and Wehrwolf (lit. "defense wolf", probably a play on words with Werwolf i.e. "werewolf").
06:37:29 AM Mar 30th 2014
Shouldn't this be moved to Adolf Hitler? It seems odd that it's in the main namespace.
07:20:58 AM Mar 30th 2014
Prolly yes.
09:51:35 AM Jan 24th 2014
Re Mustache Of Evil - not only Charlie Chaplin cosplay, but also the Monty Python Gumbys.
02:24:02 PM Aug 8th 2013
Brilliant, but Lazy mentions his memory, but I suggest adding some detail to this. He could remember and contrast locations just from photos he'd seen long ago. For example, he saw a reconnaissance photo of some Allied units training on a beach in England, and said "Interesting, that looks a lot like the Normady coast" - he'd never been to Normandy or to England.
04:31:20 PM Jun 30th 2013
You know, I remember that this page used to go more into detail into how he wasn't just a real life complete monster but more a sad, pathetic madman who had way too much power. Was it edited away or something? I liked it, it was nice to have something that wasn't just "Hitler was evil"
10:55:05 PM Jan 1st 2014
They deleted the "Flanderization" segment without explanation- sure, the arguments given for "Flanderization" were not that good, but I still think the trope applies. Tropes like "Nice to the Waiter", "Hitler Ate Sugar" and "Brilliant, but Lazy" show that he wasn't 100% evil (as no human ever is), yet all he is remembered for is the Holocaust when it's far from the only thing that he did.
09:05:56 AM May 13th 2013
Just out of curiosity, the Locked Page says that this was locked due to a "controversial image caption change".

What was it?
09:51:08 AM Sep 8th 2013
Bowdlerization,I think.
01:11:04 AM May 12th 2013
Why isn't Cool But Impractical in the tropes list? Hitler was a Real Life master of this trope: up to the end, he believed that a combination of secret super-weapons and Aryan badassness could turn the tides of the war for the Reich. According to historians, if he had cancelled the V-bomb program and put all the money into building more conventional bombers and fighters, the Nazis could have had a chance of winning. He also planned to tear down the whole of Berlin and build a brand new "world capital" city in its place!
12:25:37 AM Feb 11th 2013
Is it just me or why is there villain tropes for this person?
08:12:03 AM Feb 11th 2013
Because he's Hitler?
05:44:01 PM Feb 12th 2013
Because everyone likes to think him a historical Big Bad?
05:44:07 PM Feb 12th 2013
Because everyone likes to think him a historical Big Bad?
03:06:08 PM Nov 26th 2012
"Rather than driving on Moscow, the centre of the USSR's armament industry, its rail nexus, and where fellow General Failure Semen Buedyenny had the main Russian armies, he tried to score a propaganda victory by capturing Leningrad and Stalingrad."

This isn't that accurate of an explanation. Germany didn't really go for Stalingrad in 1941, and they were able to pursue Leningrad & Moscow both at the same time. What delayed the advance on Moscow was an encirclment of 600,000 Russians at Kiev. And it's far from certain that going for Moscow sooner would have meant success (Panzers were made for open steppes, not urban warfare), especially with 600k extra Russians there to fight.
08:53:12 AM Nov 26th 2012
It's kind of a pity the YMMV page for Adolf Hitler is locked. The "Ruined Forever" list that used to be under his picture (listing things such as Charlie Chaplin moustaches, the Swastika as native american symbol, etc.) certainly deserves a mention.
02:07:39 PM Nov 26th 2012
I agree.
03:39:35 PM May 7th 2013
Me too
03:50:28 PM May 8th 2013
Use it for analysis? :\
12:29:46 PM Oct 6th 2012
I'd suggest we add in another trope, Day of The Jackboot. Given that the man is probably a large reason why it's named that way (particularly the Jackboot part) it's probably a good place to cover life under the occupations. That and things like his early peacetime career and the Double Subversion of his coming to power after Munich and the Beer Hall Putsch.
03:04:50 AM Aug 17th 2012
The Side Note ... "It is not clear whether he was complete in the genitalia department, as few people really got to check, and Eva Braun was silent on the issue. Given that enemies of England tend to suffer the same injury, (Napoleon was rumored to be monorchid as well) this was likely allied propaganda of an informal sort. "

...should be edited. In the Canadian Documentary "The Richie Boys", , two of the old intelligence soldiers talk about pulling a prank about exactly that subject and getting into hot water with it. One of the two recalls having a laughing fit when he read his prank being reported as factual in a newspaper in the 80ies or nineties. While I don't remember the names, they could be actually quoted. There's probably another trope there...
08:20:31 AM Aug 14th 2012
edited by malonkey1
I'd like to request that From Nobody to Nightmare be added to this page. He was originally some failed artist, and ended up one of the most infamous, if not the outright worst, tyrant/genocidal maniac/artist of all human history.
04:45:36 PM Jun 26th 2012
I'd like to suggest a change to one of the General Failure entries. The claim that Hitler's attack on Yugoslavia delayed his invasion of Russia is a myth. The reality is that Russia's rainy season lasted six weeks longer than it normally did and, consequentially, made roads far too muddy to traverse until June. That was just bad luck on Hitler's part and the invasion of Yugoslavia had no effect on Operation Barbarossa.
02:07:02 PM Nov 26th 2012
Not quite accurate. The mud did last longer than usual, but it's not like the mud cleared up right on June 22nd. But it cost Germany more like 2 weeks than the 6 weeks the Balkans operations took.
10:54:33 PM May 31st 2012

Think we could add Drugs Are Bad as one of the tropes that applied to Hitler? All the meth and coke that his doctor was injecting him with no doubt played a role in his mismanagement of the war and eventual Villainous Breakdown.
12:38:17 AM Jun 1st 2012
^That's not what Drugs Are Bad means. it's about the ideology, not the actual effects.
08:21:29 AM Aug 14th 2012
My apologies, I missed it. Disregard this post.
02:34:57 AM May 22nd 2012
Locking this page seems to be little premature - there are still several factual errors and the page as a whole is very biased towards an "intentionalist" school of interpretation.
08:55:25 AM May 22nd 2012
^Look at the unlocking requests thread in Wiki Talk and ask for an unlock.
11:20:46 AM Jun 23rd 2012
The V2 weapons bit claims "The British were terrified". Only in some American history books, thanks. I was looking to change this to something more fitting reality "This new terror demoralised some and left others downhearted, but did not instil the panic and terror the Germans wanted. The British took a deep breath and were as stoic as they'd beeni in 1940."
10:21:44 PM May 1st 2011
Please do not pothole work titles — they provide context for those who do not know the work well. Please provide details when giving an example: see How to Write an Example.
07:05:20 PM Feb 25th 2011
"There exists a film of him just a few days before his death, and when one compares a photograph of him from 1940, he looks about 25 years older; he has a sort of hunch to his back, as if he suffered from osteoporosis, his face was pale and wrinkled-looking, his hands shook, and his walking was a sort of slow shuffle, as if he was very physically weak, and he basically looked half dead already."

Can someone post a link to this video, please? It sounds interesting, but I can't find it anywhere...
06:13:44 AM Jan 31st 2011
I cut out the 1984 reference. As far as anyone knows, George Orwell based 1984 on his experiences with Stalin's brand of Communism, and had no experience with life in Hitler's Germany (being British and all). While Nazi Germany certainly was a totalitarian state, it was not the model for Oceania in 1984.
07:23:35 PM Aug 14th 2010
edited by DonZabu
The opening paragraphs seem kind of unfocused. They go from his legacy to the meth addiction to his death and then to his early life. Perhaps a bit of re-arranging is in order?
06:53:37 PM Aug 17th 2010
Probably. If you see a better way to divide it up, go for it.
12:00:14 PM Jul 16th 2010
Hey all, not one to just get in there and start editing, so thought I would mention this and give people a chance to have a go at me. In the opening paragraph it says Hitler's mother lived a Bohemian lifestyle, which is frankly a load of rubbish. Pretty certain Hitler's mother never lived in Vienna either, he moved there himself and lived a strange life there, tho not really Bohemian. He went to the Opera a lot with his only friend until he basically ran out of money and ended up on the street.

OK so, do I put that in, or do we just leave it?
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