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06:26:20 PM Apr 7th 2014
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To quote from That Other Wiki,

The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the Original Pokemon Anime and do not represent a franchise-wide view of this subject.

In other words, we need examples from the other adaptations, with a focus on changing the folders to the adaptations themselves, with AC-type headers for the individual ships.
05:44:08 PM Jul 6th 2014
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Since the Videogame portion was long enough, I excised it from the VG page onto here.

Also, I don't know whether the Ash/Iris entry on "chemistry" was serious or not. Keeping it in presuming it is, but I can see how it may not be. For one thing, it seemed to Deconstruct the Belligerent Sexual Tension portion of Ash/Misty.
07:15:17 PM Jul 24th 2014
Upon reviewing the logs, I can probably discount Poe's Law, and thank Arceus. By that same token, Opposites Attract better describes Ash and Dawn, being a girly girl that goes for Contests instead of battles; Ash and Iris strike me as Too Much Alike, as did Ash and Misty (Aggressive Battle Specialists).
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