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!!Video Games (main series and spin-offs)
[[folder:Main Series]]
* The ''VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver'' remakes, ''[=HeartGold=]'' and ''[=SoulSilver=]'', offer a few instances, with two separate characters:
** The first occasion with the first character takes place when the player reaches the day care couple for the first time and are greeted by either Gold/Ethan or Lyra (depending on player gender) after a brief conversation, their grandfather will comment about them having a crush on the player character. Naturally they'll force their grandparents to change the topic then run out in embarrassment.
** The tease with the second character occurs when trying to infiltrate Team Rocket's radio tower in disguise only for Silver (the rival) to run in and forcefully strip the player character. Granted he's only trying to remove the Rocket uniform since he despises the organization and can't see his rival among their ranks, still this scene alone has managed to generate hundreds of [[FoeYay Silver/Lyra]] and [[HoYay Silver/Gold]] drawings. He also reacts rather vehemently to the idea of Lance teaming up with the player in a double battle, insisting on being the one to fight by their side in a way less like rivals and more akin to a jealous boyfriend.
** Jasmine seems to have a crush on the player character, but CannotSpitItOut.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire''
** Wally's dialogue conveys that he has enough admiration of your player character so as to be a crush. One of his lines could even be taken as a love confession.
** The Other Player Character (That is, the other player character you didn't choose) will have a stronger crush on you in the remakes than in the original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. By the events of Delta Episode your parents are even actively matchmaking you with them, offering you tickets to see a shooting star shower with them at Mossdeep.
** Brendan seems to get hit harder with the Ship Tease stick than May, though, as he's prone to stumbling over his own words when talking to the player, even awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck when embarrassed by his own words. He's also quite disappointed if you don't want to travel with him when prompted and rather open with his feelings (though never outright admitting he fancies you). May tends to at least try to subvert what meaningful, vaguely confessional things she says by passing it off as a joke, coming off as more oblivious to her feelings, whereas Brendan seems to be aware of his own, further playing with the opposite contrasts that run deep through the game.
** In the demo, Tabitha calls Steven a pretty boy, and a team Magma Grunt flirts with him, but Steven doesn't flirt back.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl''
** One of the villain team's Commanders says, "So what is it? Are you some lovey-dovey couple to the rescue?", in a scene where you are with one of your rivals, the one that is the opposite gender's playable character.
** Cheryl ask for you to be her protector; She says that feels elation when hanging out with you, and also wants to meet you again later. Eventually you both form couple in the battle frontier
** Riley and you spend time in the iron island's cave. After that. he gives you a Lucario egg, that's his favorite Pokemon. Later in the Battle frontier, when you form a pair with him, Riley remembers the first time you met, rambling that the destiny would put you together in other moment, even if you didn't met the first time in the cave.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite''
** There is a [[FerrisWheelDateMoment ferris wheel]] on which you ride with a different NPC each season. The NPC choices vary with gender (including one that is [[GayOption your own gender]]), and the conversations on the ride are loaded with {{Double Entendre}}s.
** [[AntiVillain N]]'s dialogue toward the player [[FoeYay can be taken as very ship-teasing as well]], if in a StalkerWithACrush way. [[spoiler:This includes ''his'' Ferris Wheel Date Moment. This is thrown out the window at the end when N states that he by this late point "was starting to like you", either ShipSinking or a new start of more direct Ship Tease. Either way, by this point we've learned N probably isn't [[ManChild mental-emotionally mature enough]] for a serious relationship anyway.]]

* ''Black 2''/''White 2'' features its own set. The Dropped Item [[GuideDangIt sidequest]] will eventually result in a blushing NPC and a slew of conversations that make her/his attraction blatantly obvious. [[spoiler:Yancy even sings a song called "Xtransceiver Love" as Nancy on the Celebrity channel, while Curtis will talk about how Unova is beautiful, and that there's someone more beautiful next to him while on his Ferris Wheel date with a female player character.]]
** The Player Character/N pairing is given a nod when speaking to the previous Player Character's mother- She says the Player flew off to find their friend (who can only be N, given the context), and hasn't been heard from since. N also states on the Ferris wheel that meeting him/her again is his dream. At his castle, he says the following: "I will set off on another journey. There are still many Pokémon in the world I should talk to. And there is also a Trainer I want to tell how I feel…" Given the [=BW1=] player's importance to him and the fact s/he has left Unova at this point, N can only be referring to Hilda/Hilbert.
** Cheren and Bianca get a more subtle example; Bianca's wearing glasses that look just like the ones Cheren always wore in the previous game. Cheren himself is no longer wearing glasses at all. Putting two and two together, one can assume that Cheren gave his glasses to Bianca.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY''
** The player character and Shauna watching the fireworks at the Parfum Palace. Perfectly innocent, until Shauna opens her mouth. While it's more pronounced with the male player character, [[LesYay it's there regardless]]. Later at Route 19, Shauna's dialogue after you best her at the bridge extends her apparent attraction for your protagonist.
** Diantha is shown to be intimate with Sycamore, calling him for the first name and adjectives like "dear", implying that they have an intimate relationship.
** Should you [[GuideDangIt maximize your Style Ranking in Lumiose City]], the Hairdresser will start to be entranced by Serena's good looks.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon''
** Lillie is teased heavily with the player character throughout the story; to the point that Lillie is essentially the player’s ImpliedLoveInterest. This happens [[AmbiguouslyBi regardless of gender]] but, just like with Calem/Shauna, this is ''much'' more obvious when the player character is male because Lillie’s dialogue will sometimes be slightly different with some extra romantic subtext. Towards the end of the game Lillie makes a comment that can be taken as an almost love confession.[[note]]"I think… I'd like to become a Trainer, too. And travel together with you, [Player Name]…[[/note]]
** There's also ship tease for Lillie and Hau, too. He makes an amazed comment when [[spoiler:[[SheCleansUpNicely seeing her in her new outfit]]]], she comments about being glad he came to [[spoiler:rescue her]], and at the end of the game he comes within a hair's breadth of making an actual love confession to her [[AbortedDeclarationOfLove before losing his nerve]].

* ''VideoGame/PokemonUltraSunAndUltraMoon''
** After doing a title defense, the player character will meet their own fan-girls who fawn at the player's coolness. [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer Even as Ailey]], the female player character.

* ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger'' does this. Quite a bit, actually.
** For [=RangerShipping=] (Solana x Lunick) fans, you've got not only the various little hints throughout the game, you've also got the Groudon mission. Same with the Kyogre mission for Solana/Lunick x Aria fans.
** ''Shadows of Almia'' has a bit of [=VatonageShipping=]/[=RangerSchoolShipping=] (Kate x Keith and Kellyn x Keith) too.
** ''Guardian Signs'' dabbles in a bit of [=ObliviaShipping=] (Ben x Summer) too: Nema teases Ben and Summer that they are going on a date when out on patrol. Whichever one is not the player character begins talking quickly and getting flustered.

!!Shippings from other adaptations
%%Includes other anime (e.g. ''Origins'') as well as the various Manga other than those derived from the original Anime.

[[folder:Multiple continuities]]
* Ship Tease between Misty and the [[Videogame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red & Blue]] {{Player Character}}'s Surrogate is not limited to Ash. The first 4koma had Red drooling over Misty a few times, Satoshi in ''Manga/PokemonZensho'' is implied to be attracted to her, [[SayItWithHearts even using a heart when he talks to her once]], and Misty is out-right in love with Red in ''Manga/PokemonAdventures''. Even the games themselves have Red and Misty being buddy-buddy in at least one official art and in [[Videogame/PokemonRedAndBlue Yellow Version,]] Misty calls Red "sweetie."

[[folder:Pokémon Adventures]]
* It is heavily impied that Yellow has a crush on Red. Whenever they interact, Yellow usually blushes and gets flustered.
* Ruby and Sapphire are the closest thing ''any'' of the adaptations has to an OfficialCouple among main characters. They got along well as youngsters and adopted complete personality shifts after a traumatic incident involving a Salamence. Sapphire still loves Ruby, and Ruby still loves Sapphire, but Ruby's too shaken by all that has gone on in their lives to admit this even to himself.
* Wallace and Winona are essentially an older Ruby and Sapphire, except that instead of running afoul of a Salamence, they had [[SubordinateExcuse authority issues]].[[note]]Wallace stepped down from his station as Champion just to be with Winona who was merely Senior Gym Leader (even demoting himself below her) but the whole arrangement just plain stressed Winona out enough to turn her off.[[/note]]
* Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl are so close that it goes ''beyond'' TrueCompanions and all the way to OneTrueThreesome. A scene where they have to embark on separate tasks is essentially a tearful goodbye.
* Then we have Black and White. White thinks Black is attractive early on, Black is often protective of White, and the two have had a TrainStationGoodbye as White was going off to [[StealthPun train]] to stop Team Plasma. And then there's the arc's ending, where [[spoiler: Black reveals that he's kept his promise to White just as he gets sucked into the Light Stone with Reshiram, and White [[SayMyName screaming for him]] when he disappears.]]
* In the BW2 arc, we have Blake and Whitley, which going by the [[http://jb2448.info/picture.php?/6860/category/957 volume cover]] the creators aren't even trying to be subtle about. Their relationship is a little trickier however, since [[ItMakesSenseInContext Blake is only trying to get close to Whitley as part of his secret agent mission to retrieve a memory chip hidden in Whitley's pendant]], but the potential is still there, especially since Whitley herself is starting to fall for him.
* ChildhoodFriends X and Y have a LikeBrotherAndSister relationship that's starting to cross over to ChildhoodFriendRomance, especially when you consider Y's sheer [[TheDeterminator perseverance]] in getting X to [[{{Hikkikomori}} leave his room]] and X having very [[LuminescentBlush strong]] [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend reactions]] to people calling Y his girlfriend or Y getting through his depressed exterior.