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02:58:07 AM Feb 26th 2013
The following entry has been moved here since the Natter (if true) makes it clear that it isn't a valid example.

  • Absent Aliens - Whilst there are forms of life that do not originate from Earth, the show is ambiguous about whether all sentient forms of life originally came from there.
    • Not exactly, we encounter a few ambiguously alien species (including Aurons - aka Cally's people who look exactly like humans) and one unambiguously alien species in the Andromedeans (who look nothing like humans). Then there are whoever is living in the Darkling Zone who hates humanity (whoever set off the "B" plot in the story Killer). "Dawn of the Gods" also features a number of aliens (and, surprisingly for Blake's 7, no reuse of costumes from Doctor Who). And the Ultra. And Zil. And the Host. And a whole bunch of others explicitly stated to be aliens.
    Vila: Everyone came from Earth originally. That's a well-known fact.
    Soolin: It's a well-known opinion, actually.
    Tarrant: Most well known facts are.
    • There are a lot of clues that Cally's people, the Aurons, were a lost isolated human colony and only call themselves aliens— maybe to distance them from the Federation.
12:02:56 PM Sep 21st 2011
Biggest downer ending? Isn't that Space Runaway Ideon?
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