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07:05:05 PM Jan 25th 2013
Should we change the picture? It doesn't really show the new cast.
11:11:38 PM Sep 26th 2011
Not the trope: no character is making a minor error. The schedule change is intentional. In any case, please don't link to YouTube and expect the reader to follow the link, just provide the information. Also, best not to refer to sub-page entries on main if we can just give the info.

11:08:06 PM Sep 26th 2011
This doesn't match the trope and it's full of natter. I'd suggest finding the right trope and reworking this one from scratch.

  • The Nothing After Death: In the pilot, the afterlife was apparently a long, dark corridor, with "the men who wait with sticks and ropes" at the end, something which gets a Continuity Nod in S1E5. However, Gilbert's smile on seeing what's inside the corridor in S1E3 suggests he sees something different. Possibly Gilbert got to move on to heaven whereas ghosts go through a horrible purgatory before returning to Earth?

    This seems to be being explored in series two. Someone out there is NOT pleased that Annie didn't go through her door. "The nothing after death"? That's far too pleasant a description. A blood red corridor and at the end of it "Men with black, black feathers on their black, black wings". Whatever awaits the dead in the Being Human universe seems to be something so horrific it makes Silent Hill look like a restful, charming place to be.

    "You don't want our rascals coming out there?" Oh yeah. Whatever's at the end of that corridor is a lot worse than "Nothing".

    Apparently the afterlife is a big, terrifying waiting room, according to Annie. Brr. Annie seems to be in some kind of bureaucratic limbo as of the second series finale...she talks of people "disappearing" and no one knowing what happens to them, suggesting that they're moving on to somewhere.
10:52:23 PM Sep 26th 2011
As it says on the Hoy Yay page: "Note, that this page is about the trope that is in the works themselves, about a narrative device that is used to toy with the idea of homosexuality."

No details — no hard information to support the idea that that's what this is. Looks like content-free shipping.

10:50:28 PM Sep 26th 2011
edited by Camacan
Examples need details. Please see How to Write an Example before returning to Main.

10:50:10 PM Sep 26th 2011
This needs to be re-written without the incorrect Example Indentation (drop the double stars — these are not sub examples) and in a way that provides an illustration of the trope for a general readership: the reader is not assumed to know the work.

  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Owen, after Annie's Not Afraid of You Anymore moment.
    • It's also strongly insinuated that all people who have died, including vampires, are aware of her "secret". It might explain the vampires' attitudes a bit, anyway. It also puts Annie and Mitchell's sanity into new light...
      • Well, if you believe Herrick, vampires are just the same as normal people but with no inhibitions. But given the source...

11:24:38 AM May 14th 2011
Because I can't find this via Google: how explicit is the sex in this series?
11:39:43 AM Apr 24th 2012
Nothing like Game Of Thrones. It's mainly a lot of bare backsides with a lot of thrusting and grunting. There is visible breasts and Russel Tovey (George) is almost completely naked (whoop!) in the transformation scenes but his privates are always covered. In the UK the show is rated 15 and is only suitable for 15 year olds and up.
12:44:42 AM Feb 8th 2011
In the last episode "type 4" Isn't the experments on the zombies nothing less than Nightmare Fuel? How can being autopsied while conscious be anything but! Saying nothing about about being burned to ash while "alive". Hell the idea of being traped in a rotting body is rather bad.
03:18:31 AM Feb 8th 2011
Definitely. This show is such a crazy mix of lighthearted moments and pure horror. Trapped in a rotting body = wow.

Here's what bothered me the most, though. The door to purgatory was out of service, so four people didn't get to pass over. Fine. So why did the hospital people just go "Huh, weird. These corpses came back to life. Should we alert their next of kin?" "Nah... let's do experiments on them and then burn them while they're conscious!" This wasn't Kemp and Jaggat's werewolf-killing facility; this was just a normal hospital. The idea that the people who just happened to work there would act like that is downright creepy.
04:15:37 AM Feb 17th 2011
So far not much has been shown about the hospital. I have images of zombie hordes coming from the basement...
04:51:15 AM Mar 9th 2011
Ironically if this was a zombie apocalypse story their gruesome treatment and safety precautions would have stopped the end of the world before it started.

Putting huge biohazzard warnings over everything and quarantine was just common sense, the torture had no excuse.
10:04:00 PM Mar 14th 2011
Even Mitchell, with his nearly 200 years of life, had never encountered a Type IV before. As horrific as it was, I think I can understand the people in the hospital who had most likely not even encountered vampires before behaving in an irrational way.
10:31:51 AM Feb 1st 2011
I love the new picture, but isn't it (or rather, the caption) a huge spoiler re: Nina?
02:04:03 PM Feb 6th 2011
Does that even count as a spoiler anymore? Isn't it on the front page of the official homepage? Though I guess we could remove the werewolf comment.
02:36:41 PM Feb 6th 2011
Well, on the one hand, the Nina thing is a big twist, and in such a short series it might be better not to ruin the surprise for people who haven't seen it yet. And putting spoilers above the "examples" line is against the spoiler policy, anyway.

On the other hand, it's been suggested that once the episode after the spoiler-containing episode has aired, it's no longer a spoiler, so what do I know?

I agree about changing the caption. It's kind of lame to begin with (though I acknowledge that coming up with witty captions is tough, and I can't think of a better one myself). I think I'll just delete it for now.
09:41:29 PM Feb 23rd 2011
there's a spoiler on every plot point i think the ones from seasons 1&2 could be removed
08:54:15 AM Mar 1st 2011
I think that is a little extreme. Things that happen at the end of S2 are still in the second half of the series and usually something that far into a series should be considered a spoiler for people who just started watching.
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