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08:46:41 AM Jun 1st 2017
Mother Carmel? She is pretty much like Caesar, pretending to be kind and caring about the orphans she gathered, but in truth she only sees them like cattle and sells them to the government as slaves or spies. She doesn't care how much these children love her, all she cares about is the money she can gain. I know that there has been many slave traders in One Piece, but she is the most despicable to me.
07:36:04 AM Sep 14th 2016
So, should we add the Vinsmoke Family as a whole to this list? They're basically the Tenryuubito without the spacesuits, Admirals at their beck and call, and somehow even more monstrous. Because the Tenryuubito only do horrible things to you, the Vinsmoke family will go after your family and anyone you care about.
12:24:27 PM Sep 15th 2016
Entire groups can't qualify, sorry. If there's a specific member of the family you think qualifies, you can bring him/her up in the CM cleanup thread.
09:04:08 AM Jun 1st 2017
Sanj's father was a complete dick to Sanji but admitted that he was incapable of killing him, plus he loved the rest of his children. Sanj's brothers have a lack of empathy because their father removed it and Reiju is actually a Token Good Teammate and feels remorse for her family's actions.
04:29:53 PM Dec 18th 2015
Should we add Jack to this list? In the span of just a few chapters, he's proven to be a certifiably insane, battle-hungry, thoughtless brute who's completely unwilling to listen to reason, tortures his opponents for shits and giggles, poisons entire cities just to gain the upper hand in battle, and never, ever takes "no" for an answer. I know we haven't seen as much of him as we have of any others on this list, but how does one become anything approaching human with those qualities?
02:22:08 AM Dec 19th 2015
That's a question for the thread here.
08:31:35 PM Dec 27th 2015
edited by HasturHasturHastur
Don't even bother just yet, it'll get shot down. Yeah, he's shown himself to be horrifically brutal and wantonly cruel and sadistic, and "foaming-at-the-mouth bloodthirsty psychopath" is pretty clearly his character in a nutshell, but it's way too early in the chapter to tell if he's just a colossal scumbag with some slight mitigating factors that are enough to not push him into full-on monsterdom or if he is the real deal. He probably will wind up qualifying if his Establishing Character Moment is any indication, but you'll be told to wait if you ask right now.
08:15:54 PM Sep 3rd 2016
Jack has to be qualified now, right? It's been nearly a year since he made his first full appearance and each time we've seen him, he's shown to be even more of a horrible person.
05:26:43 AM Sep 17th 2014
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After this latest chapter, Doflamingo is definitely asking for an entry here. The dude has practically no redeeming value at this point (he had loyalty to his men up until what he did to Bellamy) and has gone from being an asshole to being just plain awful. He's unbelievably cruel and petty, is a pathological liar, displays absolutely no sense of responsibility for his actions and tries to use a past that, while unfortunate, is nowhere near as bad as he is making it out to be to justify them, and has absolutely no problem with trying to kill everyone on an island just because things didn't go the way he wanted them to. Also, he bankrolled Caesar Clown while presumably being fully aware of what he was doing and didn't seem to have any problems with it. It could be a stretch, but I think that the dude has definitely shown himself to be nasty enough to warrant a spot.
06:06:17 AM Sep 17th 2014
You need to ask here, but discussion indicated that he has still some redeeming qualities.
07:50:05 PM Oct 5th 2015
The arc is over and those redeeming qualities were more pragmatic than genuine. When you get down to it, he is little more than a selfish, sociopathic, egotistical brat who never grew up.
01:28:23 PM Dec 5th 2012
Well, I think Caesar Clown fits this cathegory even more than Caribou. Not only does he kidnap children to use them as guinea pigs or treat his faithful soldiers like crap. His main purpose in life is to create the most deadly weapons, sell them, and become the king of a dead world.

What's worse about him is how he manipulate people. He earns their trust, their friendship, or even their admiration, only to let them die when they become useless to him or when he needs test subjets. Most villain in one piece have minions who fear them, but Ceasar actually deceived his soldiers enough to make them cry when he betrays them. And he simply mocks their trust, killing them mercilessly.

So far, he hasn't been portrayed in any positive way that he didn't invent.
07:13:06 PM Aug 6th 2012
I'd think kidnapping children from the streets to conduct experiments on them that will probably ruin their lifes, and keep them ther by the use of highly addictive drugs (crack) inside a candy you feed them regularly and killing of your mooks to show off the power of your knew awesome weapon of mass destruction you are selling to the underground world and will probably result in millions of deathes would be enough to qualify. Why isn't Caesar on the list. He's the worst by far, despite being recent. If there is something you don't mess with is children, human experiments, and weapons of mass destruction. :/
05:14:54 PM Jul 10th 2012
edited by irishpride412
Okay there are more Complete Monsters in One Piece then there are listed. There's:

- Captain Kuro: The 1st real one of the series. The guy feigned kindness to a troubled Ill Girl for years, while all the time he was planning to have her killed and then gain her vast fortune. He kills/severely injures his crew so as to keep his cover and partially so he won't have to share the money, and he's a major Jerkass to Usopp, and later Kaya(the aforementioned Ill Girl). The guy clearly is a bastard that only cares about money. And to make it clear that he truly is a Complete Monster, Usopp outright calls him a 'irredeemable bastard' to which Luffy replies,'Who would want to redeem him?'

-Enel: The guy is an egotistical jerk with a god complex. He just showed up and forcibly enslaved Skypeia. He instantly killed anyone that said anything against him, and would've killed Conis just for admitting to the Straw Hats that she had betrayed him.He starts a civil war between the people so as to quell his boredom. Then he calmly walks straight past the Moral Event Horizon when he tries to destroy the entire island of Skypeia(and as such killing all it's defenseless citizens, including children) for no reason.

-Spandam: How did he get taking off the page? After Hody he's the biggest Complete Monster in the series. True he was played for laughs at 1st, but he beats Robin while she's handcuffed unprovoked, hounded Tom just because he built Gol D. Roger's ship, tried to put the entire blame for the loses at Enies Lobby on the already injured CP 9. Spandam is an irredeemable bastard plain and simple that only cares about himself and his position.

-Caesar Clown: The guy set off a WMD which left the entire island of Punk Hazard covered in poison gas and then tried to frame Vegapunk for it. He's willing to kill anyone so as to keep his operations on Punk Hazard secret. He pretended to be interested in the safety of Brownbeard and his crew just so he would be able to use them as guinea pigs in his sick experiments later. Then of course he goes and does the most EVIL thing anyone has ever did in One Piece: he got children addicted to a drug that causes painful withdrawal syndromes so they wouldn't be able to leave the island. Children(which he kidnapped himself). Worse still he gloated about how it was such an ingenious idea to Law when he told him about it.
10:06:33 PM Jul 10th 2012
There is a specific clean-up thread here. If an example got removed then it was because we made a decision in this thread. You're free to argue it there.
04:40:07 PM Apr 27th 2012
There's a Beyond the Impossible wick here that needs to be changed to accomdate the new definition. Is there a thread for that?
01:00:25 AM Apr 28th 2012
Yup. It's right here.
08:21:02 AM Aug 19th 2011
Admiral Akainu: Ok, he most definitely crosses the Moral Event Horizon by killing civilians. He also mocks his enemies. But, does this really make him a Complete Monster? Crocodile does both, starting a war for his own gain, planting a bomb that would destroy a good portion of a city, and laughing at Vivi while telling her that she cannot save her country. And yet, he has enough Magnificent Bastard in him not to be considered a Complete Monster? I would argue that Akainu has enough Magnificent Bastard and Well Intentioned Extremist in him that he really shouldn't be on this page.
07:08:20 PM Aug 6th 2012
No he doesn't. The main difference is Crocodile is likeable. Akainu isn't, just that.
10:11:37 PM Aug 1st 2016
edited by PsychicSlayerNatrium
Just because a character isn't likable doesn't mean their a Complete Monster. That is the stupidest logic I've ever seen in my life!
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